League of Legends Worlds Rebroadcast: Where to watch

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Worlds 2023 is right around the corner, with that comes a League of Legends Worlds rebroadcast, a yearly tradition Riot Game puts on in anticipation for the game’s biggest tournament.


League of Legends Worlds Rebroadcast

Right now, Riot Games is officially rebroadcasting every single match from all League of Legends World Championship tournaments 24/7, leading up to the start of Worlds 2023 on October 10.

On Twitch under the name LolWorldChampionship, fans of competitve League of Legends have a way to relive their favorite moments from all the different Worlds tournaments across League’s esports lifecycle so far.

Starting with Season 1 Worlds, infamously hosted in “Phreak’s basement,” all the way to the most recent Worlds 2022 that wrapped up in November 2022.

The team putting together the League of Legends Worlds rebroadcast even put together a Google Doc showing the entire schedule of the rebroadcasts.

At the time of writing this article, the Twitch channel is currently up to Season 7 Worlds, where China’s Team WE battled North American hopefuls Cloud9 in the Quarterfinals.

Make sure to tune into Worlds 2023 Play-In stage, beginning on October 10! At the moment, the start time for the broadcast is unknown: expect future articles covering Worlds 2023 to have the official broadcast start time once that information is released.