La Ilusión Gnar: Skin Release Date, Splash Art, Price

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La Ilusión Gnar hits the rift with their newest look. To celebrate Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos, Riot released the La Ilusión skin-line, all available to purchase in the shop right now!

La Ilusión Gnar: Release Date

Gnar’s Day of the Dead inspired skin, as well as all of the other La Ilusión skins, were made available to purchase in the shop on September 27. Patch 13.19, the current patch, released on September 26, with cosmetics always releasing a day prior to patch release day.

If you’re curious on patches and their release dates for 2023, check out this year’s League of Legends patch schedule.

La Ilusión Gnar: Splash Art

la ilusión gnar
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La Ilusión Gnar: Price

As is the price with all other La Ilusión skins, La Ilusión Gnar is priced at 1350 RP. Renata Glasc’s prestige variant for La Ilusión is the only skin in this line to be purchased with 150 Mythic Essence.