2023 League of Legends Worlds Finals Preview

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The Summoners Cup is up for grabs as Worlds 2023 reaches its conclusion. Let’s see who survived the gauntlet and made it to the finals for their shot at history.

The first team to make it is the fourth seed from the LPL: Weibo Gaming. The one team that many say took an easy road to make it this far as they avoided playing an LPL team until the semi-finals, while also playing three LEC teams and NRG twice. Though, they did lose to the only LCK team they played during the Swiss round in KT Rolster.

Regardless, they have taken down every challenge that stood in their way. They bested favored Bilibili Gaming in the semi-finals 3-2 in order to clinch the LPL’s guaranteed spot in the finals.

They are making the Worlds final for the first time ever, in their first-ever trip to Worlds. However, they do have two former world champions on the roster: Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok and Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song.

In contrast to Weibo being new to the finals stage, T1 is the perennial powerhouse when it comes to making the championship match. They are 3-2 in their previous five trips to the finals. T1 last made the finals in 2022 with this same roster. However, they were bested by DRX.

All eyes of course will be on Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok as he chases his fourth World Championship title.

T1 looks to also continue their dominance of the LPL during this tournament.  T1 eliminated LNG and JD Gaming during their run to the finals. They also defeated Bilibili Gaming during the Swiss round, which was the game that advanced them to the Knockout Stage. So, in contrast to Weibo’s run of avoiding LPL teams, T1 caught all of them during their draws.

It should be an exciting ending to Worlds 2023. Does Weibo have one more upset in them to finish off their Cinderella run? Conversely will Faker and company get that storybook ending that may led to Faker retiring on top of the world? It all comes to a close on Sunday, Nov. 19. Be sure to get your picks in and watch on lolesports.com