C9 Jojopyun: LCS superstar to Cloud9 after “a huge series of events”

LoL Esports / Riot Games
LoL Esports / Riot Games /

C9 JOJOPYUN?!? In what may be the biggest move of the off-season for North America, former Evil Geniuses mid laner and 2023 LCS Summer MVP, Joseph Joon “jojopyun” Pyun joins Cloud9 as their starting mid laner.

C9 Jojopyun: The road to Cloud9

According to sources tied to LEC Wooloo’s Sheep Esports, 2023 Summer MVP jojopyun will start for Cloud9 for 2024 Spring LCS. The sources go on to say the prodigy mid was also eyed by European organizations Team Vitality and Team Heretics.

When it became clear Jojo would be staying in North America to play, Golden Guardians and FlyQuest (FLY) were among the other teams aside from Cloud9 interested in the young star. Due to budgetary limitations on Golden Guardian’s side, Jojo had FLY and C9 to choose between.

Ultimately, Jojo decided to settle with Cloud9, with the long-time North American org. picking up who is likely the most sought after domestic talent up for trade this off-season.

Thumbnail photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games