EG Sheiden reportedly staying on Evil Geniuses as starting jungler

LoL Esports / Riot Games
LoL Esports / Riot Games /

EG Sheiden continues his time at Evil Genuises, according to reports from Sheep Esports. This will be the young jungler’s first shot at a full starting position for an LCS team.

EG Sheiden: Lower budget roster

Reported last week by Sports Business Journal contributor Kevin Hitt, Evil Geniuses had a round of layoffs, affecting 20 employees. Sources for SBJ went on to say EG is reaching out to others for possible mergers or acquisitions, with no bites thus far.

With Jade “Sheiden” Libut starting as EG’s jungler, and the departure of their star player jojopyun, indications point to this year’s Evil Genius roster to be much more budget-focused.

Sheiden shared time with Jonathan “Armao” Armao last season, playing only three games for Evil Geniuses during 2023 LCS Summer. Importantly, he won all three, and showcased versatility in his champion pool: picking Poppy, Viego, and Ivern – all of whom have distinctly different playstyles.

Thumbnail photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games