EU LCS Game of the Week: Fnatic vs. H2K


The EU LCS is coming down to the final weeks of the regular season, and that means some very important games are on the horizon.

The top of the EU LCS is very crowded heading into week seven of the regular season. For first place, there is currently a three-way tie between: H2K, Team Vitality and G2 Esports.

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While none of those top three teams will face each other this week, they will still look to separate themselves from the middle of the pack and solidify their top spots. With that in mind, H2K vs. Fnatic looks to be the game of the week.

Fnatic has had an up and down last couple of weeks, but they are still in good position to pull themselves closer to the top. As it stands now, Fnatic are currently fifth in the EU LCS with a 7-5 record. What’s bad about Fnatic this split is how inconsistent they are. You never know what team you’re going to get.

Take last week for example. Fnatic squared off against a top team in G2 and were able to pull out a victory thanks to some fantastic play from Martin “Rekkles” Larsson on Kog’Maw. They started the game off terribly and were never able to get a gold lead, but they were still able to overcome that be winning game-deciding fights. However, the very next day they got absolutely demolished by a bottom team in Splyce. It’s hard to make sense of it.

Fnatic entered this split with three new players, and their communication hasn’t seemed to come together yet. One thing Fnatic will have to do in order to win against H2K is play the early game better. According to, Fnatic ranks dead last in first bloods this split as they are getting it in only 25 percent of their games. Fnatic’s jungler, Day-yun “Spirit” Lee, just has not had the synergy with his laners, and Fnatic will need him to find that synergy if they want to be a top team.  The point of first blood is even more important in this game due to the fact that H2K are the complete opposite of Fnatic in that area. Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and his laners have great synergy together, and this has resulted in them having the second-highest first blood percentage (67 percent) in all of the EU LCS.

One reason you can never count Fnatic out is due to their amazing infrastructure. Can coach Luis “Deilor” Sevilla pull his team back together and knock off another top team? We will find out.

On the other side of this match-up is H2K, who are looking to continue their dominance over teams below them in standings. However, they have had two rough losses to G2 and Vitality in the past couple of weeks.

One thing that seems to be preventing H2K from being the best team in the EU LCS is their inability to close games. Even with their excellent record, they have the longest average game time in the league at 38.6 minutes per game. They are able to acquire leads in most games through their strong laners and the fact that they get the first tower 67 percent on the time. At times they look good at choking out their opponents and extending their lead, but they also seem a bit hesitant to use that lead to close out the game.

Since H2K does seem to have a better early game than Fnatic, it’s safe to assume that they will have a lead in the beginning of this match-up. It will be up to them to actually use that lead to their advantage and punish Fnatic. They can’t afford to let the game drag out, because that will allow Rekkles the opportunity to decide the game in a team fight.

Overall, this will be an exciting game between two of the highest regarded teams in the EU LCS. Whoever comes out with the victory will be given a huge boost of confidence.