EU LCS Spring Finals: G2 Esports defeat Origen 3-1


G2 Esports took down Origen 3-1 in the EU LCS Spring Finals.

There is officially a new leader in Europe: G2 Esports.

Remarkably, the young team took first in both the regular season and in the playoffs during their first ever split on the Europe League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS).

Their lack of experience was the only cause for concern people had of them going into the playoffs, but they proved that the regular reason was no fluke and took care of business by defeating Origen in four games.

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Here are the highlights from the series.

Game one:

G2 made a strong statement by opening the series strong. Origen were the ones who struck first, but it was all G2 after that.

That was quite a misplay from G2 on the first blood, but they didn’t let that bother them at all.

Things started to go wrong for Origen during this fight.

Origen could have walked away from the fight after G2 got one kill, but for some reason they thought they could win. Who knows what the players from Origen were thinking, but they were the ones looking like rookies by making silly mistakes.

That fight gave G2 a big enough of a lead that the remainder of the game was basically just them toying with Origen.

Game two:

The second game of the series went to Origen, but it really felt like more of a bad game from G2 than a good game from Origen.

Luka “PerkZ” Perkovic was dominant in this series, but game two was his low point as he never had the change to get things going.

G2 got first blood, but that was about it for them.

G2 stayed in the game for as long as they could, but Origen taking the game away was inevitable.

Game three:

After a bad performance in game two, G2 came out in game three and dominated  just like they did to open the series.

Things were going so well for them that they were turning mundane escapes into highlights.

How could you not tilt from that if you’re Origen?

While it was a really rough game for Origen, they did have one good moment at the 20-minute mark. The game was slipping away from them, but they were able to win a big team fight which allowed them to do Baron.

Getting Baron would have made the game interesting, but Kim “Trick” Gang-yun walked right in and stole what should have been a free Baron.

What makes this even more frustrating for Origen is the fact that they had the higher level smite, so that play shouldn’t have even been possible. Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider simply dropped the ball.

It didn’t take much longer for G2 to make their final push and win.

Game four:

Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez came in for game four, but his presence was not enough to save the series for Origen.

Things were looking good for Origen at the start. xPeke got really far ahead in lane, and Origen as a team created a nice lead for themselves early on.

However, Origen continued to make small mistakes that allowed G2 to get back into the game.

What seemed to be the deciding moment was yet another Baron steal from Trick.

If Origen could have secured that Baron, they would have had a great shot at playing another game.

In the end, G2 simply would not be denied of being the new champions of Europe.

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