5 biggest changes from patch 6.8

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1.) Taric rework 

The time has finally come: Taric’s rework is here and ready for the public. Champion reworks are always a big deal, and there is no question that this is the biggest thing to come from patch 6.8.

We have known about the rework for a long time, and we were first introduced to the new Taric some weeks ago. Since that time, Taric has lived on the Public Beta Environment long enough for Riot to be comfortable with releasing him in the latest patch.

It’s going to be extremely interesting watching how Taric plays out once his rework is live. Everyone thinks he looks extremely broken due to his insane kit that includes an area of effect stun and heal, but don’t forget about his craziest attribute – an ultimate ability that makes him and his team invulnerable.

Obviously, making speculations from afar and actually getting first-hand experience are two totally different things, so we will have to wait and see if everyone’s belief on him being overpowered is correct. Taric might not be that bad to the general public, but he does seem like too strong of a champion in professional play since he could essentially allow his team to make a crazy dive while still being incredibly safe with no risk.

He will probably be one of the highest banned champions on this patch (cause that’s just how things go with new/reworked champions), so test him out whenever you are able to.

Even if Taric is too strong on this patch, we probably wouldn’t see him get any nerfs until after 6.9, so hopefully he is balanced so we don’t have to worry about him for multiple patches.

Patch 6.8 is the calm before the storm, but 6.9 will rock us to pieces with important game changes. That should be a harder list to cut to five.

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