Taric champion update: Reworked abilities


The rework for Taric has been in the works for a long time, and the time has finally come to release the gems.

The latest champions to be reworked in League of Legends were Poppy and Shen, but now it’s Taric’s time to shine.

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The Shield of Valoran has been in the process of being reworked for quite some time, but Riot finally gave us the entire update today.

Like all reworks, Taric now has a new look and sound, updated lore and a new kit. And that’s what’s most important – the new kit.

With the reworked Taric, his passive – Bravado –  now infuses his next two basic attacks whenever he casts an ability. This makes him swing faster with those two attacks, which also deal increased damage and lower his cooldowns.

His Q, Starlight’s Touch, heals himself and all nearby allies based on the number of Starlight’s Tough charges Taric has stored. He generates up to three charges over time.

Bastion is his new W ability, and it has a passive and active. The passive is that it increases Taric’s armor, and the active links Taric with an ally that shields them from damage. Taric remains linked with that ally until he recasts it onto another one, or until the two move far enough apart to break their link.

Taric’s new E is Dazzle, which fires out a short wave of celestial energy in a target direction that stuns all enemies struck.

His new ultimate ability is Cosmic Radiance, and it makes Taric and all nearby allies invulnerable for a few seconds.

If you want to check out some of his abilities in action, here is Stonewall008 clearing some jungle camps with the new Taric.

They have taken out pretty much all the damage he had to offer before the rework and have built his kit exclusively as a support. There’s nothing wrong with that, but holy crap, his new kit is crazy.

Taric now has an area of effect heal, stun and invulnerability. What more could a support ask for? It’s frustrating to see Riot implement yet another ability that allows invulnerability, but it looks like they enjoy having that dynamic in League. However, Taric’s form of it might be the most overpowered version we have ever seen. Not only does he make his team invulnerable, but they are still able to actually play and cast abilities like normal. The only thing that can be done to them is crowd control. Riot thinks that having a brief delay after the cast puts enough counterplay into it, but that doesn’t seem right. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if we see his ult nerfed in some way down the road.

For now, the reworked Taric is on the Public Beta Environment and will stay there for the time being. Riot said he wouldn’t come out during patch 6.7, so we should expect to see him in the following patch.