10 most overpowered champions in URF

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2.) Zed

A good Zed player in URF might be the most terrifying thing imaginable. All his abilities have such low cooldowns that he can constantly spam his combos to easily take people out. He can get three Q’s out before his W goes away. That’s crazy and could nearly kill you if all the abilities are hit.

His W normally has a long cooldown that makes him use it sparingly, but in URF he will use it so much and so often that you will be terrified of your own shadow for days. The mobility this gives someone who is also doing the most damage in the game is unfair. Zed’s in URF will dive you under two towers because why should they care? They can just shadow around everywhere to avoid taking damage and get out after getting a kill or two.

This list was in no special order, but Zed is definitely in the highest tier of overpowered champions in URF. Don’t blame Zed if you can’t dominate with him in URF, blame yourself.

1.) Karthus 

Karthus in URF is simply unfair.

The Deathsinger’s kit gets a scary boost from URF. Mana is the one thing Karthus players have to be conscience of in normal games, but like Hecarim, he doesn’t have to worry about that in this mode.

His Q can already be spammed in normal games, and that is only amplified in URF. Karthus can also frequently throw out his Wall of Pain that slows champions down and reduces their magic resistance. However, his E is what gets the biggest buff in URF out of these three spells. It’s a toggle ability that drains mana every second it is active, and that means that he can literally have it going for the entire game in URF. So you’ll want to think twice before jumping onto Karthus in URF, because he is going to do a lot of damage to you.

Finally, the most important thing, Karthus’ ultimate ability: Requiem. The ability allows Karthus to do a huge burst of damage to all five enemy champions. Requiem is countered in normal games by having a massive cooldown, but that isn’t a problem in URF. Karthus players in URF almost always have the most damage dealt in the game because they get to dish out loads of damage with their ultimate. It gets really old really fast when you’re playing against it, and it forces you to buy defensive items to counter it. If you don’t invest in something like Zhonya’s Hourglass, you could see most of your health deleted by just Karthus’ ult.

Enjoy URF this year.

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