Tips to remember when playing URF


URF has an entirely new feel to it than normal games of League of Legends, and here are some things you should remember.

Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode is finally here and everyone is having a great time.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had URF in over a year, and that means there’s a lot of things people need a quick refresher on. There are numerous tips and tricks someone could tell you when explaining what you need to know in order to enjoy URF, and these are four of the most crucial ones.

1.) Purchase items accordingly 

You have to remember that URF is a different beast than what is normally played, and that means itemization is going to be a bit different.

With URF, mana and cooldown reduction (CDR) shouldn’t be on anyone’s mind when purchasing items. The passive from Sheen is nice, but that would literally be the only thing you are buying it for since you don’t need the mana or CDR it gives. Is that passive worth over 1K gold? No.

Make sure you are paying attention to what items you are getting. A lot of us act like robots and buy the same items on certain champions every single time, and that could hurt you in URF.

2.) Always run teleport 

Summoner spells have such long cooldowns that there’s basically no reason not to run teleport. The advantages it gives you are far greater than running heal or ignite (you’ll still always want to take flash).

And besides, teleporting everywhere all the time makes URF a whole lot more URFier.

3.) Play the URF meta 

This isn’t one of your promo games to get out of Bronze. This is URF, and URF is played differently than your normal try-hard games.

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The most common play style of URF is to have a duo top lane, normal mid lane and a duo bot lane. However, none of the players in the duo lane will act as a traditional support. Go ahead and get near that Blitzcrank or Sona, because they will demolish you.

Of course, you can still act as a traditional support or play in the jungle if that’s what your heart desires, but the above scenario is what you will see a majority of the time.

4.) Have fun

It may seem crazy, but a lot of people need to remember what URF is all about: having a great time.

League is one of the most competitive video games in the world, and it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to crush your opponents and win the game. If you notice yourself feeling that way, stop, relax, remind yourself that his is URF and you are here to have fun.

Of course you could run the overpowered champions every single game (Zed, Karthus, Sona, etc) to crush your opponents, but that might not be the most fun thing you could do. Don’t get wrapped up wanting to win the game. If you want to Yorick, then dammit, play Yorick.

URF should be about having a good time. So, please, do that this weekend.

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