Top 5 changes from Patch 6.11

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Patch 6.11 was filled with a lot of changes, but these are the five that you want to make sure you know.

You know what day it is. It’s patch day.

The patch notes for 6.11 went out yesterday and the actual update for the patch took place today.

As Riot Scarizard explained in the notes, Riot really wanted this patch to be geared towards professional play – and more specifically – nerfing the champions that are played in too many professional games.

There’s nothing to complain about on that front, because the game can become extremely stale for the viewer when the same handful of picks are being played in every game. Kindred, Nidalee and Graves were the only three junglers played for the longest time, and an extreme lack of diversity like that simply isn’t good for the health of the game.

Because of what Riot wanted to accomplish this patch, that meant a whole hell of a lot of nerfs had to go out. They weren’t focused on buffing other champions to give them more incentive to be played (which would have been nice), but instead, they focused on hitting a lot of the top champions so people wouldn’t feel so inclined to play them.

Before we get into the top five changes from patch 6.11, let’s go over some honorable mentions that just missed out on the list. The first is Nidalee since she is one of the poweful picks that Riot wanted to address, and they gave her a couple of nerfs to tone her down a bit. Ryze also barely missed out on the list with a some nerfs of his own. He received a nerf to his Q damage, but the more important nerf was to his ultimate that will now be a 50-second cooldown instead of a 30-second cooldown once the late-game hits. Finally, Berserker’s Greaves had its attack speed increased from 30 percent to 35 percent, and that’s a nice little buff to a lot of champions.

Let’s dive in.

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