Patch 6.11: Buffs, Nerfs and Changes


Patch 6.11 addresses a lot of the powerful picks in the game right now.

We’ve been on the same patch for a couple of weeks now, but it’s time to get things moving with patch 6.11.

The patch notes were released today, and the actual update should take place sometime early tomorrow.

Feel free to go over the patch notes yourself, but here is our condensed version of everything you need to know. Get ready to see a whole lot of nerfs.


Corki’s attack damage ratio from his R has been increased from 0.2/0.5/0.8 to 0.2/0.6/1.0.

Illaoi’s Q now increases all tentacle damage by 10/15/20/25/30 percent and her W also does more damage. The slow duration from her E has been decreased from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds, but the slow no longer decays over the duration.

Jax’s passive stacks from his ultimate now fall off one at a time instead of all at once.

Taliyah’s base health has been increased from 500 to 520, and her Q now deals 50 percent extra damage to minions.

Vel’Koz’s Q now has a slow duration of 1/1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6 seconds instead of 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. The base damage from his ultimate has been decreased from 500/725/950 to 450/625/800, but enemies that stay in the beam gain one stack of Organic Deconstruction ever 0.7 seconds (up to three stacks).

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Anivia’s R mana cost is up from 30/45/60 mana per second to 40/50/60.

Azir’s W is no longer usable on turrets, but his ultimate is what’s taking the biggest hit. Emperor’s Divide no longer gives bonus movement speed to allies that pass through the wall, and the abilities duration has been decreased from 5/6/7 seconds to three seconds at all ranks.

Ekko has seen a lot of work lately, and that trend continues in 6.11. First, his passive cooldown on the same target has been increased from three seconds to five seconds. Next, his Q’s return damage has been decreased from 60/85/110/135/160 to 40/65/90/115/140 and its ability power ratio has been increased to 0.2 from 0.1. The stun duration from his W has been decreased from 2.25 seconds to 1.75 seconds. Finally, the damage from his ultimate has been decreased from 200/350/500 to 150/300/450 and its ability power ratio has been increased from 1.3 to 1.5.

Kindred also got a lot of changes in this patch. First, the cooldown on her passive has been decreased from 90 seconds to 75 seconds. Her Q damage has been decreased from 60/90/120/150/180 to 55/75/95/115/135, but it gains five damage for every passive stack she gets. Finally, the slow from her E has been changed from 70 percent to 50 percent, and its damage has been decreased from 60/90/120/150/180 to 40/75/110/145/180.

Lucian’s Q range has been decreased from 1,100 to 900, and its bonus attack damage ratio has been decreased from 0.6/0.75/0.9/1.05/1.2 to 0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0. The range on his W has also been decreased from 1,000 to 900.

Maokai’s base health regen has been decreased from 8.678 to seven, and his health regen growth has been decreased from 0.85 to 0.75. The cooldown on his Q has been increased from six seconds at all ranks to 8/7.5/7/6.6/6 seconds.

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Nidalee’s range when moving toward enemy champions for increased movement speed from her passive has been decreased from 5,500 to 1,400. The cooldown on her W has also been changed from 70 percent to 40/50/60/70 percent.

Ryze’s Q damage has been decreased from 60/95/130/165/200 to 60/90/120/150/180. The cooldown on his R has been increased from 50/40/30 seconds to 50 seconds at all ranks.

Swain’s Q damage has been decreased from 30/50/70/90/110 per second to 30/47.5/65/82/5/100 per second. The base heal against champions from his ultimate has been decreased from 30/45/60 to 20/30/40.

Zed’s Q is getting three changes. First, its damage has been decreased from 75/115/155/195/235 to 70/105/140/175/210. Next, the bonus attack damage ratio from it has been lowered from 1.0 to 0.9. Finally, the reduced damage on multiple targets has been increased from 50 percent to 75 percent.


Boots of Swiftness now only give 55 movement speed instead of 60.

Berserker’s Greaves now give 35 percent attack speed instead of 30 percent.

Ninja Tabi’s now give 12 percent basic attack reduction instead of 10 percent.

Trinity Force has been changed a lot and is now built out of Sheen, Phage, Stinger and 333 gold. Its attack speed has been increased from 15 percent to 40 percent, cooldown reduction increased from 10 percent to 20 percent and the 20 percent critical strike chance has been taken away completely.

Stinger’s attack speed has been decreased from 50 percent to 35 percent, and its cost has been changed from 1,200 gold to 1,100 gold.

Wit’s End now costs only 2,500 gold instead of 2,800 gold.

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