4 reasons why you should play League of Legends

Credit: Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games /

There are tons of reasons why you should play League of Legends.

We’ve spent some time talking about the flaws concerning League of Legends, which is important to facilitate growth and improvement, but it’s now time to talk about the best parts of the game. It is, after all, the most popular game in the world — and for many reasons. Without further adieu, here are the four best things about League of Legends.

Champion Diversity

Back in Season 2 and 3, when the game truly was taking off into becoming the powerhouse it is now, there were a select few champions that saw permanent competitive play. Some of you may remember the jungle meta was nearly always Elise or Lee Sin, and mid was almost always an assassin, such as Zed or Ahri. Times have changed drastically since then, and over the years, constant fine-tuning by Riot has resulted in a well-balanced game that holds a lot of competitive diversity. This is not only true for solo queue, as even in pro play we’ve seen nearly every champion played in the LCS, something that was not possible a couple years ago.

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A slew of positive reworks, dating back to the old Sion, have kept the game fresh as well as balanced better than it ever has been before. Of course, there are always a few outliers, but in general, it is vastly improved from previously


The competitive scene that Riot provides League fans with is nothing short of spectacular. As in everything on the list, it doesn’t mean it is impossible to improve, but they have responded well to criticisms of it in general. For example, the implementation of the best-of-three format into the NA LCS is something that fans had been wanted for ages, and Riot complied to those wishes.

With the 2016 World Championship upcoming, it’s hard to not be excited for what’s to come, and for good reason. Few games offer as much content to hardcore fans, and League does it well.


The League of Legends sound team has done a tremendous job creating song after song that add wonderful layers to the universe. A few prime examples are found below.

The visuals that go along with these songs deserve a commendation of their own, but the music is the true gem. There are other pieces that are just as deserving, such as when they collaborated with the group “Imagine Dragons” for Season 4 Worlds, but these two songs are the ones with the most character that brought enormous depth to champions. The pre-Worlds login song alone is pretty exciting — imagine what they’re going to bring to this years Worlds.


This idea covers everything from the artwork seen in the two music videos above, to the fantastic skins Riot has been consistently releasing. Although it would be nice to see some skins gifted to Challenger players, or something free for achieving a certain rank, what we have now is still visually appealing. It’s fun to see so many unique and diverse skins playable, and Riot’s art team truly deserves a pat on the back. You also can’t talk about skins without mentioning the incredible splash arts. They only get better with time, and the ones Riot has been putting out lately have been incredible.

Lastly, for visuals, the competitive stages deserve a mention. If you haven’t seen the amount of effort they put into making high quality broadcasts, you’re certainly missing out. Riot goes above and beyond to create everything they do into one beautiful masterpiece.

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