League of Legends issues: Top 4 problems with the game today


There are a lot of League of Legends issues in the game today, but these are by far the four biggest problems.

League is a game that we all enjoy, but no game is perfect.

Here are the four biggest issues with the game right now.

Dynamic Queue

Dynamic queue has been something the League community has overwhelmingly had a problem with ever since its implementation into the game. For a multitude of reasons, it causes solo players difficulties advancing where they otherwise would have dominated a game. Matching up as five solo queue players against a team of five may be unlikely, but when it does happen it is beyond demoralizing, and often ends in a loss.

There are positive aspects of the updated solo queue, however, such as role selection, which has allowed players to avoid playing roles they are clueless about. It would be great to see Riot revert back to solo queue with the perks of the new champion select.

No Voice Chat

There are not only logistical reasons a lack of voice chat is detrimental to a competitive game, but it also inherently takes some of the excitement away. If you’re stuck in a game with four random players for 50 minutes and manage to make an amazing comeback to win the game, you can only type away your excitement rather than join in celebratory screaming.

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Then, there are the obvious strategical reasons. It is impossible to type while attempting to make a play, which steals away moments from players that would have otherwise capitalized on the mistakes. It would be great to see Riot implement a voice chat system soon, but it doesn’t seem to be high on their priority list.

Unhealthy Gameplay

This is something that may come across differently than intended. This is specifically meant to focus on champions such as Warwick or Yorick that have managed to go years without receiving a desperately needed rework. All of this was allowed to happen while Ryze was reworked multiple times.

It’s true that Riot has stated that they plan to soon release reworks for these two champions, but it has honestly taken way too long. It will be great to see these champions finally get the attention they deserve, though.

No Replay System

This is the final complaint, though there are plenty more gripes to be had with League. This is a problem that specifically targets players who want to improve, or even ones who simply want to save replays of their favorite moments. It’s sad that players are required to use glitchy, unreliable third party software to see their own gameplay when this is the most popular game in the world.

Riot, give us a damn replay system already.

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