Breaking down patch update 7.20 in League of Legends

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Patch update 7.20 is now live in League of Legends as here’s a breakdown of all the changes to champions, items, and everything else in between.

Whenever a patch update hits League of Legends, it’s always an exciting time. Champions get some much-needed buffs, a few get nerfed due to balancing issues, and lots of bugs get fixed. Patch update 7.20 is now live and will continue to push the game in the right direction until the massive Runes Reforged update hits in November.

For now, the biggest news of this latest patch update is that the newly reworked Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace, will be stalking enemy champions who dare enter her jungle. Her new champion spotlight video is amazing and highlights her new kits and abilities.

Emotes will finally go live in this latest patch update which will bring in a unique way to express yourself in the Summoner’s Rift. Best of all, developers will have 25 Emotes at launch with more being added over time. Everyone will get a free one right from the start, a “Thumps Up!” emote, to let your teammates know they did a great job or to spam it after you got your first kill.

Without further ado, here is a full breakdown of patch update 7.20 with official notes courtesy of the Media Relations Department of League of Legends.