Breaking down new Evelynn champion spotlight trailer

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Evelynn, the Agony’s Embrace, is set to get her newly reworked champion back in League of Legends via patch update 7.20. Here’s a look at her new champion spotlight trailer as she’s everything we expected and much more.

A few months ago when Evelynn was set to get a complete rework in League of Legends, those that main her in the jungle couldn’t wait to see what developers had in store. So far, she’s lived up to the hype and well, should be back in a better place when it comes to her success rate and overall kit when ganking.

League of Legends just released her long-awaited champion spotlight trailer which highlights her brand new kit that emphasizes on stealth, surprising enemy champions when they least expect it, and truly being a difference-maker when she engages in team fights.

Take a look at her champion spotlight trailer below and get ready for a champion that is set to make some serious noise in patch update 7.20:

All of Evelynn’s new abilities work cohesively together as it’s all about doing damage and getting out of combat quickly. Once leveled and properly geared, she can do well in 1v1 situations or even surprise several members of the enemy team if they’re low on health and trying to run away with their lives with her ultimate, R – Widowmaker.

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League of Legends did a fantastic job with her champion spotlight trailer as it breaks down not only what each of her abilities does but the best way to get the most effectiveness out of her. Remember, just like any champion, it comes down to the skill of the Summoner and mastering his spell rotation.

Before you play any competitive matches or even against other people, play with her against the A.I. to get used to her new kit but how to effectively clear the jungle efficiently. It’ll take time to get used to things but after a good amount of matches, Summoners should feel she’s not that hard to master at all.

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Overall, Evelynn will undoubtedly shake the META up when it comes to premier junglers. Hopefully, she’ll be balanced and glitch-free when patch update 7.20 drops this week.