Breaking down patch update 7.20 in League of Legends

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Krugs, Spell Shields, Honor


No changes to Krugs here except when it comes to their splitting animation.

"ROCK POLISH :: Smoothed out Krugs’ splitting animation"

Spell Shields

Whenever a spell shield was cast, it had some glitches to how it visually looked. Developers have addressed and fixed it.

"BUGFIXES :: Fixed a group of identical bugs where some channeled abilities (ex. Anivia’s R – Glacial Storm) were being interrupted through spell shields"


League of Legends recently announced how some of the Worlds championship pool finances from the sales of the Championship Ashe skin will be donated to charity. The new “Vote for charity” client tab will be added in patch update 7.20 so summoners can vote for their preferred one.

"Charity Voting Hub Vote for your preferred charity in the “Vote for charity” client tab. We’re raising money for three global charities (and the Worlds prize pool) with sales of Championship Ashe and the the 2017 Championship ward skin. Hop in client and vote for your preferred cause. The winner gets 50% of the charity pool and the other two split the remainder. Your vote is weighted by your Honor level! I VOTED :: Vote for your preferred charity the new “Vote for charity” client hub before Worlds wraps up HONOR MULTIPLIER :: Honorable play adds some oomph to your democratic rights Honor level 3 and below: 1x vote power multiplier Honor level 4: 1.5x vote power multiplier Honor level 5: 2x vote power multiplier"