Top 5 champions to use in the jungle

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League of Legends
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1. Never skip breakfast if you want to play this champion!

Zac is one the most pressuring junglers in League of Legends. As it stands he has the longest range non-ultimate movement abilities that can cross terrain.

Like Gragas, Zac also has multiple build paths to either deal damage by building ability power or soak damage by building tank. This versatility can lead to enemies being forced to buy magic resistance and giving your marksman an easier time dealing damage.

While also being the longest movement ability in the game, Elastic Slingshot also has a knock-up effect to all enemies hit. Pairing that crowd control with his ultimate, Let’s Bounce, can separate carries from their teammates and wreak havoc on the enemy team.

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Zac has an interesting and unique passive, which basically grants him a second life. Upon receiving a deathblow, Cell Division will split Zac into four blobs which will try to reform him into his full self at anywhere between 10 to 50 percent of his maximum health. What makes these blobs interesting is they can be killed to finish Zac off completely, and can even be teleported to by friendlies ensuring Zac survives as the blobs become immune to damage while being teleported to.