League of Legends: five champions you least like to see locked in during solo queue

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Bard. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Bot Lane – Kalista

There’s a high chance that you haven’t seen a Kalista in your ranked games in quite some time. This is actually a blessing as Kalista is probably the worst marksman you could pick in the bot lane as of right now.

The unique mechanics of Kalista’s kit and auto attacking make for a difficult playing experience for novice marksmen and it will take some significant time and getting used to before being able to get her playstyle down.

Even when you do, that doesn’t mean she can compete with top tier bot laners like Lucian and Kai’Sa. Continuous nerfs to her E – Rend along with changes to the critical strike and attack speed items like Infinity Edge and Runaan’s Hurricane have really hurt Kai’Sa’s damage output.

Riot Games seriously need to take a look at a potential Kalista rework, or at the very least, giving her some increased ratios so that her damage returns to that of which once was.

Raw power and damage seem to be outclassing auto-attack speed based carries in the bot lane and unless you are Vayne, playing an attack speed based carry will be one sure fire way to hurt your chances of winning. Kalista seems to be the worst marksman of all in ranked solo queue and it doesn’t seem like she will be making a comeback any time soon unless changes are made.

Support – Bard

Our chimey friend Bard is through no fault of his own a risky champion to have on your team in solo queue. He’s theoretically got a very strong kit filled with crowd control and an even more unique ultimate ability which can grant objectives and entire teams stasis.

A good bard player can, by all means, get the job done if played correctly. However, in ranked solo queue, you can’t always rely on your teammates to play completely optimally. This is why Bard works fine in a competitive tournament environment with players of great skill who are all simultaneously communicating and coordinating who can use Bard’s kit to their advantage.

Playing Bard basically requires perfect communication among teammates or else one wrong placed ultimate could result in game-deciding results and all of this while having no control over it yourself.

The risk for error in Bard’s kit is simply too high. Champions such as Thresh and Blitzcrank will have a hay day on an unprepared Bard and there is not enough disengage in Bard’s E or sustain in Bard’s W which allows him to have any survivability.

Much stronger healers like Soraka and Nami exist and their kits are much more dependable and risk-free than Bard’s and so when seeing one on your team in ranked, you’d better hope that they are comfortable on the champion and even then, that might not be enough.

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