League of Legends champion profile: Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Arcade Miss Fortune. League of Legends.
Arcade Miss Fortune. League of Legends. /

Ability Description

Passive (Love Tap) – Miss Fortune’s next basic attack against an enemy unit that was not the target of her previous basic attacks bonus physical damage.

Fairly simple passive, auto attacking a new target does physical damage. Try to use it whenever you’re going in for a new trade.

Q (Double Up) – Miss Fortune fires a shot at a target enemy that deals physical damage, which then bounces to hit another unit behind it. The shot applies on-hit effects, including Love Tap.

This ability will prioritize units directly behind the target you’re attacking, it’s a great way to get in some extra damage in trades when your opposing laner walks up to take a trade. As the tooltip also points out, this ability will also apply your passive for that bonus damage.

W (Strut) – PASSIVE, Miss Fortune gains bonus movement speed if she has not taken damage in the last 5 seconds, excluding damage over time. ACTIVE, Miss Fortune gains bonus attack speed for 4 seconds and brings Strut’s passive effect to full power.

Another ability of a simple kit, giving her some bonus attack speed and movement speed on command. It also gives MF a bit of extra mobility, however, it acts like a Banshee’s Veil. It’s of no benefit once a team fight starts.

E (Make It Rain) – Miss Fortune rains down hundreds of bullets onto the target area slowing and dealing magic damage.

While MF doesn’t (usually) build any ability power to make use of this ability, it does allow her to do some mixed damage. Having this little bit of magic damage makes it harder for tanks to avoid all her damage by stacking armor.

The ability is also a fantastic tool for kiting enemies. As an immobile champion, Miss Fortune needs some way to create space between herself and enemies.

R (Bullet Time) – Miss Fortune channels for 3 seconds while firing several waves of bullets in a cone, with each wave dealing physical damage.

One of the best team fight ultimates in League of Legends, and almost certainly the best among AD Carries. MF does a ton of AoE damage (and the waves can critically strike) and mows down any enemies in the path. Wait for your tanks or divers to lock down targets with their CC and then fire away.

Types of Scaling

Passive – Bonus AD
Q – Bonus AD and AP
W – none
E – AP
R – AD and AP

Crowd control

Slow on her E

Game stage power

Strength in early game/laning – high
Strength in mid game/skirmishes – medium
Strength in late game/team fights – medium

Miss Fortune has a lot of opportunities to bully out the opponent in lane, with all the extra damage baked into her passive, ability to proc it constantly with her Love Tap and Strut. After laning phase ends, though, Miss Fortune does extremely well in skirmishes and team fights with her AoE ult and E to control choke points. However, she has issues at these points due to her lack of mobility and needs to fight in confined quarters, which allows her to be easily dove and singled out by assassins and fighters.