League of Legends Patch 9.11 tier list – ADC edition

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Draven. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

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Rising Champions

Sivir (A+ to S tier)

It’s unsurprising that Sivir is the top-rated ADC in Patch 9.11, given that she’s currently sporting the best win rate among all ADCs at 54.4%. This is in spite of her pick rate in Platinum and above spiking to almost 22%, which is third-best in the bot lane. As a result, she was given an S grade from six out of eight sites we audited, with the other two giving her an A.

Xayah (B+ to A tier)

Xayah is a bit of a curious case. She’s consistently gotten buffs throughout Season 9, but she hasn’t been touched since 9.6. However, she’s spiked in this patch, rising to the A tier.

Part of the reason, I suspect, is how nicely she synergizes with the shielding supports that are dominating the meta, along with the improved crit itemization. Her win rate has been rising for the last five patches as well and, although it’s currently just a hair above 51.5%, she’s quite strong in the current meta. That said, she’s only been rated as an S tier pick by a single site, as many as rated her in the C tier.

Falling Champions

Draven (A+ to A tier)

The first of many ADs that hate seeing Janna and Yuumi in the meta, Draven saw his win rate dip below 52% for the first time in Patch 9.11. He does still have S grades from three of the eight sites we pulled data from, so I don’t think he’s hurting too hard (especially when paired with good aggressive supports like Thresh or Nautilus). However, he’s not in a position to smash lanes hard like he used to.

Ezreal (A+ to A tier)

Ezreal took a dip to his win rate in Patch 9.11 as well, dropping from 48.9% to 48.2%. The biggest problem for Ezreal is that he can’t compete with the scaling ADCs like Jinx and Sivir, who get a free lane against him and also out-scale him.

But as of right now, Ezreal is the champion with the most divided opinion. Three tier lists still rate him in their S tier, but two others have him in their D tier. Given the drop in his win rate, it’s probably a good idea to give the Prodigal Explorer a break if you’re not having success with him.

Vayne (A+ to A tier)

The nerfs in Patch 9.10 seem to have done their trick, knocking the Night Hunter out of her spot in the S/A+ tiers. While her win rate dropped almost two full percentage points in Patch 9.10, it’s continued to tumble downward in Patch 9.11. As a result, no site we looked at rates her above an A tier pick.

Twitch (A to B+ tier)

Twitch didn’t have any big changes to his win rate in Patch 9.11. He’s still rated as an A tier pick by more than half of the sites we looked at, so I think he’s probably stronger than the raw data indicates.

Miss Fortune (B+ to B tier)

For having the eighth-best win rate among ADCs, over 51%, it’s shocking that MF is rated so low. Unfortunately, only five sites have her rated above a B, and only two of those are A picks. The fact that she struggles so hard against Sona and Lux probably factors into this.

Ashe (B+ to B tier)

I don’t know why Ashe fell off so hard in Patch 9.11, with her not receiving any significant nerfs and her win rate staying static. Unfortunately, she struggles against two of the best supports in the meta – Lux and Nautilus – and is thus is rated C tier or below by three different sites.

Caitlyn (B+ to C tier)

With scaling, crit-based marskmen dominating the ADC role, I would have expected for Caitlyn to be one of the best picks in the role. She got a fresh set of buffs in Patch 9.10 for crying out loud!

Even though her win rate is just under 49%, it hasn’t really deviated from where it was the past few patches. Nevertheless, she only got a B or A grade from three out of the five sites we pulled data from. The rest gave her all Cs and Ds.

Varus (C to D tier)

Varus has consistently been one of the more underwhelming ADC picks for a while now. His win rate hasn’t really changed and he doesn’t particularly struggle against the meta picks (other than Sivir and Jinx a bit). Yet he has more sites grading him in the D or F tier (three) than have him in their B tier (two).

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