League of Legends Patch 9.12 tier list aggregation – ADC edition

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Ashe. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New Additions


New subtractions


And with that, the end of an era. The once thriving ecosystem of bruisers and mages in the bot lane is now extinct. Only true marksmen exist in the role right now.

Rising Champions

Vayne (A to A+ tier)

Her win rate hasn’t really moved in the last few patches, but neither do opinions of her strength. She is almost uniformly rated A tier, but she got more S tier grades this patch than last.

Twitch (B+ to A tier)

Twitch consistently has one of the strongest win rates of all ADCs, and his did spike slightly from Patch 9.11. That said, opinion on him is heavily skewed by getting an equal number of D/F grades as S grades.

Caitlyn (C to A tier)

I memed that the 2 AD buff she got in Patch 9.12 was meaningless, but apparently not. No one things she’s insanely strong or anything, but three sites have her in their A tier.

Ashe (B to B+ tier)

Another of the bot laners to receive a buff in Patch 9.12, Ashe’s improvement in our tier ranking wasn’t as big as Caits but it was still good. She got more A grades and S grades than she did in our 9.11 tier list.

Jhin (B to B+ tier)

Jhin, on the other hand, didn’t see any significant buffs recently, but he got a decent bump this patch. With no real reason for this change, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him drop right back down next patch.

Tristana (C to B tier)

Tristana also doesn’t really have an obvious reason for her ranking to rise. No win rate change, no recent buffs, no noticeable trend in her ratings changing. She is just above the B tier line, so she is likely to regress as well absent some changes.

Varus (D to C tier)

Despite his win rate falling below 48%, Varus rose our tier list. It’s more from the opinion of his ceiling being higher than his floor. He’s getting multiple F grades in Patch 9.12, but he also got several B grades.

Falling Champions


Buffed champions


The cooldown decrease to her W – Volley proved to be significant, boosting her to her highest ranking since Patch 9.7. Her win rate also rose from 51.5% to 52.3% in Patch 9.12, good for third-best of all ADCs.


Let me take this opportunity to eat some crow because Cait’s buff of 2 AD proved to actually be significant. Her win rate rose by over 1% from the last patch and she rose an entire tier in one patch. Two AD lul, I guess.

Nerfed champions


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