League of Legends: Patch 9.22 jungle tier list shows Shaco is still strong

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
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New Additions


New subtractions


Rising Champions

Shaco (A+ ⇒ S tier)
Evelynn (B+ ⇒ A tier)
Dr. Mundo (B+ ⇒ A tier)
Olaf (B+ ⇒ A tier)
Rengar (B ⇒ A tier)
Master Yi (B+ ⇒ A tier)
Nocturne (B ⇒ B+ tier)

Falling Champions

Kha’Zix (S ⇒ A+ tier)
Zac (A+ ⇒ A tier)
Karthus (A+ ⇒ A tier)
Rek’Sai (A ⇒ B+ tier)
Malphite (D ⇒ F tier)


  • Among our top ten junglers, the champion with the least agreement between tier lists is, by a mile, Lee Sin. He’s rated as high as S tier and as low as D tier, reflecting his incredibly high skill floor to execute properly. The lowest variance jungler in this group would be Jarvan.
  • Shaco remains busted, as his win rate rose for the third-straight patch to 53.1% (third-best in the role). He was also the only one of our junglers on the rise who actually saw his win rate increase by any significant margin in Patch 9.22 (about 0.7%).
  • None of the champions in our tier list who dropped a tier had a win rate drop, so don’t be discouraged if you’re a Kha’Zix or Zac player. Their power level in the game is basically unchanged.
  • For the second consecutive patch (and the third time in the last five patches) Karthus jungle holds the claim to the best win rate in his role at 53.2%, despite the fact that he did drop a tier in this patch. The worst? That would be Qiyana at 39.4%.

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Buffed champions


Spoiler alert, Sejuani is still terrible (F tier) despite the considerable buffs that he got in Patch 9.22. Added damage to his Q – Arctic Assault and some base stat adjustments resulted in a win percentage increase of less than 0.2%.


The buffs to Sylas‘s base stats and W – Kingslayer had a bigger effect on his win rate than the Sejuani buffs (about a 1.5% win rate increase). The problem is that he started off with a 41% win rate last patch and his current 42.6% win rate is ahead of only Qiyana’s for the worst jungle win rate.

Nerfed champions


Malphite‘s been kind of a niche pick in the jungle, but the nerfs to his R – Unstoppable Force‘s AP ratio still had a decent effect. He’s completely fallen into the F tier and I wouldn’t be surprised if he dropped further still.


In Patch 9.22, Riot nerfed Pantheon‘s damage nerfs Q – Comet Spear and dash speed nerf on his W – Shield Vault. This was probably bigger for lane Pantheon than for jungle Panth, as he was much weaker in the jungle role, but the nerfs were still felt. His win rate dropped from 48.7% down to 46.6% in Patch 9.22 and he remains in our D tier.