League of Legends Champion Profile: Sejuani, Fury of the North

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Sejuani, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Sejuani is one of the most prominent junglers in League of Legends, so if you’re looking to expand your jungle champion pool, this guide is perfect for you!

When was the last time a League of Legends meta didn’t involve Sejuani and Bristle in the jungle? It seems like for the last few years, the priority on Sejuani has been insurmountable and her jungle counter-parts have been unable to match the level of crowd control, jungle presence, and team fight utility on the Rift.

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Although her champion spotlight may be a little outdated, now is the perfect time to pick up the Freljordian boar-rider as she dominates both pro play and solo queue with one of the highest pick rates in the jungle role. What Sejuani lacks in damage, she makes up for in tanky stats and game changing abilities that are effective at all stages of the game. If you want to become an intelligent jungler who doesn’t rely on brute force and high damage to carry via early ganks, this champion profile is the ideal start.


Sejuani is the Warmother of the Winter’s Claw, one of the most feared tribes in Freljord. She took this mantle from her own mother as she defeated her in a duel and has since built up the clan from the brink of collapse through absorption of nearby tribes.

The Winter’s Claw’s permanent struggle against the elements is key to their survival as they raid nearby Noxian, Demacian and Avarosan camps to battle through harsh Freljordian winters. Sejuani leads her pack atop Bristle, a drüvask she saved from a Noxian warship that grew to be one of the largest of its kind.

Best Quotes

“Trust nothing but your strength.”

“They will feed my boar.”

“Die with weapon in hand.”

“Don’t worry, Bristle, I’ll leave you the scraps.”

“Can you smell coward, Bristle? Get ‘em!”