League of Legends: Preseason ADC tier list Patch 9.23

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
Senna, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

As the League of Legends preseason kicks off in Patch 9.23, we’re here to let you know which ADCs are thriving or starving.

We’re still adjusting to all the changes that came to League of Legends in the preseason, but our tier lists shall never die! With the new season, though, we’ll be completely restarting our ADC tier list in Patch 9.23 as we learn the Preseason 10 meta.

The sweeping changes to Summoners Rift, Elemental Dragons, multiple item and rune reworks have all thrown the meta into chaos. Though the bot lane hasn’t been quite as impacted with all these changes, the ADC role still has some significant shakeups.

Before we even get into the tier list, I’ll preface our picks by pointing out that the variance in opinion between the different sites is the highest it’s been at any point in Season 9 (which makes sense, given the breadth of changes in the preseason). As a result, I think these are the least reliable picks or rankings so take them with a grain of salt.

With those caveats out of the way, as usual, we will be creating our tier list based on the average standardized ratings of each champion from eleven different sites from around the internet. We standardize the ratings so that we can compare an A+ grade with a Diamond ranking between sites. You can find the raw data for our tier list here.

All rankings were based on players in Platinum and above. The resources that were used to create this tier list were:

The tier list

S tier: Caitlyn
A+ tier: Ashe, Kai’Sa, Jinx, Miss Fortune
A tier: Senna, Jhin, Vayne, Lucian
B+ tier: Xayah, Draven
B tier: Ezreal, Heimerdinger, Twitch, Tristana
C tier: Yasuo, Sivir, Varus
D tier: Kog’Maw, Kalista, Swain
F tier:

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  • She made her first appearance in our support tier list in Patch 9.23, but Senna has also made her way onto the ADC tier list as well. She has some of the highest variance in opinion of any bot laner on this list. She currently has a 52.1% win rate as an ADC.
  • Other than Senna entering the meta, the top five bot lane champions are still pretty much the usual suspects (Jinx, Caitlyn, Ashe, MF, and Kai’Sa). No champion really seems to have gotten a substantial benefit from the item and rune changes.
  • According to LeagueofGraphs, Stormrazor seems to be getting picked up by a lot more champions after its Patch 9.23 rework. It’s in some of the most popular core builds for ADCs like Caitlyn, Kai’Sa, and Jhin
  • Despite all the changes to lethality items, it seems that most of the AD Carries who would be most likely to build the stat (like Varus, Lucian, or Draven) are still building more of the crit and attack speed builds.