League of Legends: Which new Elemental Dragon is strongest? – Preseason 2020 breakdown

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The 2019 League of Legends ranked season is coming to an end. Taking it’s place is a Preseason 2020 patch with a huge update to Elemental Dragons!

Amidst the chaos and excitement of Riot Games’ League10 announcements, the player base was given a quick insight into the changes heading to Summoner’s Rift in Preseason 2020. Rise of the Elements is the title given to a list of changes that will be hitting our clients with Patch 9.23, focused around major changes to Elemental Dragons and their effect on the map.

While the dragon update is undoubtedly the largest of the upcoming changes, there are also terrain and brush changes heading towards the side lanes and jungle, as well as buffs/nerfs aimed at top and jungle experience, support and lethality items, and a few tweaks to keystone runes.

The numbers may not have been revealed yet, but there is still a tonne to break down, so here are our initial thoughts on Riot’s preseason patch, starting with the biggest change of preseason, and probably the biggest change to the map of all time:

Infernal Dragon, Preseason 2020, League of Legends.

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Elemental Rifts

When the Elemental Dragons were introduced in 2016 they converted a repetitive, plain Summoner’s Rift into a map that varied from game to game, but now it’s time to go one further. From preseason onwards, the third Elemental Drake that spawns onto the Rift will transform certain areas of the map, adding/removing terrain, spawning buffs, or sprouting additional brushes in and around the jungle.

Not only that, the buff aspect of taking down Elemental Dragons has also been updated. While the Infernal and Ocean Dragons remain similar to their predecessors, Cloud and Mountain’s buffs have been updated for 2020. As if that wasn’t enough, your team will now be granted a Dragon Soul when they take down their fourth dragon of the game, which grants a permanent super buff to all allied champions.

Oh, and there’s changes to Elder Dragon too. In Season 10, the Elder Dragon will only spawn when one team has killed four Elemental Dragons and claimed a Dragon Soul. Whichever team slays Elder will receive permanent

Obviously this is a lot to take in, so here’s a step-by-step breakdown of each change and what they might mean for your League of Legends journey in 2020.

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