League of Legends: Top 5 Jungle Champions on Patch 10.5

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Here are our top five strongest jungle champions for carrying games and climbing the League of Legends solo queue ladder on Patch 10.5!

Since jungle camp experience was buffed on Patch 10.3, life for jungle mains has improved drastically! Junglers are no longer severely under-leveled, can impact the early game without falling too far behind in farm, and are no longer restricted to monotonous pathing. So, which jungle champions are the strongest in League of Legends on Patch 10.5?

Here’s our top five:

5) Rek’Sai

51.10% Win Rate | 7.0% Pick Rate | 7.8% Ban Rate

With an excellent clear speed, incredible dueling potential, and near unmatched early game gank set-up, it’s no surprise that Rek’Sai has climbed to the top of the jungle tier list at the start of Season 10.

Larger jungle camps are no match for the AoE damage provided by Queen’s Wrath which allows Rek’Sai to quickly fly through the jungle and accrue gold faster than her jungle counterparts. Combine this with Furious Bite and she becomes a strong 1v1 champion capable of dominating the jungle match-up early on.

Piloting Rek’Sai to the best of her ability involves being active in the early game, closing gaps with Tunnel to Un-burrow and lock down enemy champions for early gank kills to snowball with. If you can grab a Black Cleaver and Guardian Angel before your opponent reaches two items, then you should easily be able to close out the contest.

Glacial Olaf, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

4) Olaf

51.09% Win Rate | 6.5% Pick Rate | 11.9% Ban Rate

Olaf has the fastest early jungle clear speed in League of Legends and can only be out-farmed by the likes of Dr. Mundo and Karthus. As a result, jungle mains pick Olaf whenever they want full control of the early game to both protect their laners and duel the enemy jungler for presence on the map.

Whether you’re heading towards a tanky build or full AD, The Black Cleaver is vital to Olaf’s damage output. Once this purchase has been made, look to push your early advantage by picking up neutral objectives and Ragnarok’ing your way onto the enemy AD Carry.

3) Shaco

52.91% Win Rate | 5.8% Pick Rate | 9.7% Ban Rate

The trickiest jungler in League of Legends resides at #3 in our top five junglers list. A strong early clear, the ability to bypass vision, and high burst damage make Shaco a top pick for junglers in the current meta.

Buy a Tiamat for clearing the jungle at lightning pace, then grab a Duskblade of Draktharr to shut down enemy squishies with little to no effort, it really is that easy!

It will take a few games to get used to the different playstyle Shaco offers, but once you’ve mastered the use of Deceive and Hallucinate, you’ll be one of the most annoying junglers to come across.

2) Zac

51.43% Win Rate | 11.1% Pick Rate | 18.8% Ban Rate

Unsurprisingly, Zac’s priority rose after the buffs to Bami’s Cinder and Cinderhulk. With unmatched crowd control and maximum health, there was no way Zac wouldn’t profit from increased damage on his primary jungle item.

If you’re going to add Zac to your champion pool, it’s important to remember how vulnerable you are in the early game. Not only are your ganks fairly useless without 3-4 levels in Elastic Slingshot, but you barely exist in 1v1s versus the enemy jungler, so it’s vital that you’re constantly tracking your opposite number.

1) Elise

51.30% Win Rate | 11.6% Pick Rate | 27.1% Ban Rate

Once again Elise leads the line when it comes to the jungle tier list. Despite her lack of late game power, Elise’s early game makes her an ideal champion for junglers who want to dictate the course of the game and take full control of the laning phase.

Simply put, if you pick Elise, you must be active in the first ten minutes of the game. Run into lanes and land Cocoon to blow Summoner Spells or pick up free kills, or dive under tower with the incredible effectiveness of Rappel to dodge tower shots.

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Which jungle champion is strongest on Patch 10.5? Which jungle champions would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.6?