League of Legends: Top 5 ADC Champions on Patch 10.5

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Here are our top five strongest ADC champions for carrying games and climbing the League of Legends solo queue ladder on Patch 10.5!

It’s been quite a boring start to Season 10 for ADC mains in League of Legends as their hands have been forced onto a permanent rotation of Aphelios, Miss Fortune, and Senna in solo queue so far. Patch 10.5 seems no different.

However, we’ve got three other champions on our top five list that you should test out in solo queue right now in an attempt to spice up your ADC champion pool and find some crucial ranked wins.

5) Vayne

51.10% Win Rate | 9.7% Pick Rate | 4.5% Ban Rate

If there’s one ADC champion capable of solo carrying games in any meta, it’s Vayne. The Night Hunter has the tools to win the bot lane 2v2, insane outplay potential in a 1v1, and excellent team fight damage.

With the growing influx of tanks entering the meta following the Bami’s Cinder buffs earlier in the season, Vayne’s Silver Bolts could be vital to chunking the HP bars of beefy enemy champions. If you see a bunch of tanks being drafted on the enemy team, Vayne could be the perfect choice!

4) Kalista

51.62% Win Rate | 6.5% Pick Rate | 2.7% Ban Rate

After a few months of irrelevancy, Kalista is back in the bot lane.

Kalista’s high priority among ADC champions is mainly due to her ability to secure neutral objectives with Rend and the team fight utility provided by Fate’s Call.

If you’re planning to add Kalista to your ADC champion pool, mastering the ability to Rend both dying enemy minions and enemy champions at the same time while also getting a reset is essential.

3) Draven

51.65% Win Rate | 6.1% Pick Rate | 7.9% Ban Rate

In a similar vein to Vayne, Draven is also one of the most capable bot laners in terms of 1v9ing and solo carrying games for free wins.

In terms of early game presence, he’s nearly unmatched thanks to the massive DPS on Spinning Axe and annoying Stand Aside crowd control. Not only that, if he picks up an early kill it can be very difficult to stop his snowball due to the extra gold from his League of Draven passive.

2) Miss Fortune

51.66% Win Rate | 21.8% Pick Rate | 7.4% Ban Rate

The surprise package of Season 10 has to be Miss Fortune who has maintained her place in the S tier of bot laners throughout 2020 so far. Her lane presence, efficient build path, and team fight ultimate are all massive boosts to any team composition.

Looking to add Miss Fortune to your ADC champion pool? Watch your positioning in team fights and track enemy cooldowns to land the perfect Bullet Time and shred your opponents’ health bars in an instant.

1) Senna

54.93% Win Rate | 10.4% Pick Rate | 54.3% Ban Rate

Senna ADC, Senna Support, Senna ADC-Support, we’ve really seen it all since the release of this champion. Now we’ve reached the point of ADC Senna who doesn’t farm in order to maximize soul collection, resulting in increased damage and attack range.

Senna is set to receive further changes on Patch 10.6 however, so if you haven’t yet learned the champion it would be wise to wait until next week to find out if she’s still as strong!

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