League of Legends: New High Noon skins arriving on Patch 10.12

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Two new High Noon skins will be added to League of Legends on Patch 10.12

If your League of Legends cosmetic collection has been looking a bit bare lately, Patch 10.12 should be able to change that. Two new High Noon skins for Irelia and Senna will be joining Hextech Nocturne on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and are set for release on the upcoming patch.

One word comes to your head when you first see these skins: WOW. The High Noon theme is already one of the most popular skin lines in League of Legends and these two additions just take it one step further with awesome visuals and incredible splash arts. As for Hextech Nocturne, this is without a doubt one of the stronger versions of that skin line and could be worth the Gemstones.

Alongside the upcoming High Noon skin releases, all previously released High Noon skins (Fiddlesticks, Jhin, Lucian) will receive new chromas. Fiddlesticks and Jhin will come with 8 chroma options, while Lucian will receive 5 new colors for his skin. On top of this, High Noon icons and emotes will be added to the game to celebrate the arrival of High Noon Irelia and High Noon Senna.

High Noon Irelia (1350 RP)

The first of the skins heading to Summoner’s Rift on Patch 10.12 is High Noon Irelia. This skin combines excellent visual effects with a very interesting model, a stark contrast from the base Irelia model.

Some of the highest quality aspects of this skin are the recall animation and ultimate animation that fit really well with the theme and could be worth the 1350 RP on their own. It could be argued that High Noon Irelia is not the strongest skin in the High Noon line, but Irelia mains should consider adding this skin (and a few of the 7 chromas) to their cosmetic collection as soon as it’s released on the upcoming patch.

High Noon Senna (1820 RP)

One look at High Noon Senna’s splash art will amaze you and have you desperate to hand over your money for the cosmetic as soon as it is released next week. The black, orange, red color scheme fits the champion perfectly and makes her gun look menacing and terrifying.

Much like Jhin and Lucian, Senna will be partnered by a fiery horse to ride around the Rift with which is undoubtedly the coolest part of the skin. Whether you’re a frequent or infrequent Senna player, it is definitely worth considering the purchase of this Legendary skin and any of its 5 chromas.

Perhaps you and your duo queue partner could pair up in the bottom lane with High Noon Lucian and High Noon Senna. Even if you don’t come out on top in the 2v2, you will definitely win in terms of skin quality and make every opponent jealous of your skin synergy.

Hextech Nocturne (Gemstones)

The final skin arriving on Patch 10.12 is Hextech Nocturne, yet another addition to the long list of skins available to buy with Gemstones.

While many have voiced their discontent with the quality of Hextech skins in the past, Hextech Nocturne does not suffer from the same problems and is one of the best Nocturne skins available.

Not only are the visual effects and animations stellar, but the skin also fits a theme that Nocturne has yet to squeeze into, potentially making the cosmetic worth spending your hard-earned Gemstones on.

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League of Legends patches are not often known for their skins, but Patch 10.12 could well be the best patch of Season 10 so far in terms of skin releases. Check out the official patch notes next week to see the confirmed splash arts and to find out when the skins will be released.