TFT Fates: Ranking Every Single Origin and Class in Set 4

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Zed, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

We have our first look at TFT: Fates, so let’s break down every single trait coming to Set 4.

6. Ninja

Description: Ninja gain bonus Attack Damage and Spell Power. This effect is only active when you have exactly 1 or 4 unique Ninjas.


  • Zed (2g)
  • Akali (3g)
  • Kennen (3g)
  • Shen (4g)

Thoughts: Ninjas are back from Set 1! While we are excited (or maybe it’s just me) to see Ninjas back in TFT, we have to remember that Ninjas ran extremely hot and cold during Set 1. However, Ninjas ended Set 1 in a fairly strong place and it’s actually stronger at 4 Ninjas by 10 AD and spell power than it was at the end of Set 1. For 1 Ninja, though, it’s 5 AD and spell power weaker. It’ll be strong out of the gate, but it could get much stronger or weaker depending on how the numbers change.

7. Moonlight

Description: At the start of combat, the lowest star-level Moonlight champion stars up until combat ends. In the case of a tie, the champion with the most items is chosen. (3 units)


  • Diana (1g)
  • Lissandra (1g)
  • Aphelios (2g)
  • Sylas (2g)

Thoughts: This Origin was teased in the reveal last week, but if you didn’t catch it you should know that if you get all three Moonlight units to 3-stars you can actually get a 4-star unit with more stats! Ultimately, though, whether Moonlights are good or not will depend on how viable hyper-rolling is as a strategy. Unless Set 4 brings some serious changes to the TFT econ compared to Set 3, that doesn’t seem likely.

8. Spirit

Description: The first time a Spirit casts their spell, all allies gain Attack Speed based on the spell’s mana cost (2/4 units).


  • Teemo (2g)
  • Yuumi (3g)
  • Kindred (3g)
  • Ahri (4g)

Thoughts: This is sort of a team-wide Star Guardian buff, except the attack speed will be based off the mana cost of their ability. I think this will be a decent complementary Origin for certain comps, but that limits its ceiling and probably means it will never be highly-contested.