Dive Into the World of Runeterra With the Official Lore Companion Book From Riot Games

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For League of Legends’ tenth anniversary in 2019, Riot Games wanted to do something special to commemorate this multiplayer game’s success. Though the online video game features over 140 different characters, they all inhabit the same universe called Runeterra. Yet, there is still little known about the history of the world to many players. That is why Riot Games developed the official companion lore book called League of Legends: Realms of Runeterra ($18).

Through this book, die-hard fans can dive into the lore, history, and cultures of the world in which their favorite game resides. This first-ever encyclopedic collectible book features detailed illustrations, like the ones below, maps, and developmental artwork showing all the behind-the-scenes action.

Explore the world of Runeterra with Riot Games' official companion book.
Riot Games/Amazon /

The actual online game, League of Legends, features immense engagement for millions of players, but only the truly dedicated will know about this book. You will learn more about the different regions and cultures like the independent warriors of Frejlord to the Vastaya in Ionia to the very top peak of Mount Targon that makes up the vast Runterra. Readers will also be able to dive into details like the flora, fauna, architecture, and politics that create this vivid landscape.

No stone is unturned, no leaf untouched, and no region unexplored in this book. Every aspect has been carefully curated by the Riot Games team to celebrate League of Legends with the fans who have invested so much of themselves in this game and lore. Whether you have just started playing the game, have been a longtime fan, or want to get a gift for your LoL obsessed friend, this informatively fun encyclopedic book will bring joy to those who read it. Get connected to the rich storytelling behind the actions of your favorite champions by picking up a copy of this companion book on Amazon.