League of Legends Reveals New Champion: Samira, The Desert Rose

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends’ 151st champion, Samira, has been revealed

Just twenty-four days after the release of Yone, the Unforgotten, on Patch 10.16, Riot Games have revealed the next champion heading to Summoner’s Rift in a new champion trailer. Samira, the Desert Rose, is a ruthless marksman who wields multiple weapons while hunting her prey.

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The full champion trailer can be found here on the official League of Legends YouTube channel which features a brief preview of the champion, her abilities, and how she functions in game. While her full kit hasn’t been revealed yet, the trailer showcases her excellent mobility, versatile weapon choices, and a terrifying ultimate ability.

Not only that but the video also gives some insight into Samira’s unique passive. At the bottom of the screen, letters from E to S are highlights as the champion attacks opponents and executes clean combos. Though not officially revealed, it is likely that this is a grading system that improves Samira’s stats as she advances from E grade to S grade by chaining auto attacks and abilities against enemies.

Samira is the 151st champion to be added to League of Legends and the 4th released in Season 10 after Sett, Lillia, and Yone.

The balance team intends for the new champion to be played as a bot lane marksman, however often that doesn’t go according to plan as the community decides where new releases are best played. However, Samira will become the 3rd marksman added to the game in the last 12 months following Senna and Aphelios at the end of 2019.

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For more information on Samira, her abilities, and release date, keep an eye on Blog of Legends or League of Legends social media pages as more details will be revealed over the coming weeks.