League of Legends reveals ranked rewards including Victorious Lucian

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends has revealed the full list of ranked rewards for Season 10

The end of the League of Legends ranked season is a huge celebration as the World Championship concludes, players finally achieve their desired solo queue rank, and ranked rewards are dished out. This year, there are a ton of new rewards including rank-specific chromas for Victorious Lucian.

Riot Games revealed a full breakdown of ranked rewards for the end of Season 10 in an article posted earlier today. The dev team state that there will be rewards based on players’ ranks, honor level, and Clash participation throughout the year.

It was also revealed that the League of Legends ranked season will conclude on Tuesday, 10 November at 03:59 ET.

Here’s a full list of the end of season ranked rewards heading to YOUR collections after Season 10 concludes on Tuesday, 10 November:

Ranked Rewards

Victorious Lucian, League of Legends
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

As is the case every year, players who achieved a rank of Gold or higher in any ranked queue at any point throughout Season 10 will receive Victorious Lucian (plus the champion for those who don’t own him).

However, this time there’s an added bonus! For every rank reached above Gold, players will receive a Victorious chroma which will be color coordinated with the rank achieved.

Finally, any player who completed their ranked placements in either Solo/Duo queue or Flex queue will be rewarded with an Eternals Lucian Series 1 Permanent, a Ranked profile icon, and a Ranked profile banner trim. Riot Games has been extra generous in Season 10!

Clash Rewards

2020 is a year to celebrate as Crash™ finally transformed into Clash™ and completed multiple successful event weekends during Season 10. As a result, players who took part in Clash tournaments will receive a bunch of new Clash-specific rewards.

Every player that participated in a Clash tournament in 2020 will receive a Clash Contender Summoner Icon, while the rest of the rewards are unlocked based on the number of Victory Points earned over the season.

Fortunately, players that have not yet gained enough Victory Points to unlock every reward will have two more chances to claim victory during the Worlds Clash event.

Here’s a full list of Clash rewards for Season 10:

1 VP – Contender Summoner Icon
200 VP – Contender Clash Logo
1000 VP – Contender Clash Banner
2000 VP – Conqueror Summoner Icon
3000 VP – Conqueror Clash Logo
4000 VP – Conqueror Clash Banner
5000 VP – Champion Summoner Icon
6000 VP – Champion Clash Logo
7000 VP – Champion Clash Banner

Honor Rewards

Being an honorable League of Legends player doesn’t just net you more ranked wins, it also makes you eligible for the end of season Honor rewards. Depending on your Honor level (Honor level 3 and above), you will receive an Honor capsule containing a bunch of rewards.

Here’s the Honor rewards breakdown:

Honor 3 Capsule
Random Ward Skin
3 Key Shards

Honor 4 Capsule
Random Ward Skin
Random Emote Permanent
3 Key Shards

Honor 5 Capsule
Random Ward Skin
Random Emote Permanent
6 Key Shards

Merch Unlocks

Players can now purchase rank-specific gear from the Riot Games merch store if they reached Honor level 2 or above during Season 10!

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Check out the End of Season 2020 FAQ page for more information!