Worlds 2020: Riot Games get it right with Shanghai attendance policy

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As Worlds 2020 continues, some good news comes at a perfect time for the Grand Final

So far in Worlds 2020, the matches have been amazing, the moments surreal, and considering what is going on in the world with the current pandemic, it’s all been a nice distraction in the grand scheme of things. With no fans being allowed to attend any of the matches so far, some good news has come out about what will transpire for the Grand Final being held in Pudong Stadium in Shanghai.

In an article written by Arda Ocal of ESPN, he confirmed that Riot Games will allow a limited number of fans to attend the Grand Final. Considering that this is the 10th anniversary of the biggest Esports tournament in the world, it’s a great sight to see that some kind of normalcy will occur during the event.

A little over 6,000 fans will be able to attend as all tickets will be free and through a raffle. Fans can put their name in the hat to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the official League of Legends Pro League website. This is such a great idea by Riot Games since this will allow for the Grand Final to resemble what a real Esports tournament should feel like and not just with virtual fans.

Riot Games gets it right by safely allowing fans to attend Worlds 2020 Grand Final

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For those fans that are lucky enough to win a ticket to the Worlds 2020 Grand Final, please keep in mind that due to the current pandemic, they’ll have body temperature checks and will require masks to be worn at all times.

Being able to either attend the Grand Final or even watch it with fans in attendance will add another nice dimension to what should be an exciting event. To see fans cheering and interacting during game-changing moments will make it feel like an even more authentic experience.

An experience that will be a nice distraction to what is going on in the world as it’s great to see Riot Games continue listening to their community. They’ve also worked closely with government officials to do their best to make this event viable for a small number of fans to attend.

It’s no secret that fans in Shanghai have been hoping that some news of being able to physically attend would happen. Now with that fantasy being a reality, it’s time to continue looking forward to the final two teams left standing to compete for a World’s Championship. Riot Games continue to set the standard for how things should be when it comes to gaming and ensuring high-quality, safe experience when it comes to attending their Esports events.