League of Legends: Reddit Post Captures the Ranked Experience

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The Reddit post gets all the low-lights of a League of Legends ranked game.

If you were thinking of jumping into a League of Legends ranked game, maybe watch this clip from Reddit first. In just under 10 minutes, Redditor WolfiousYT shows all the pitfalls that a player can encounter during ranked games. Even when the games go your way.

"Returning to Ranked Experience from leagueoflegends"

In the first game, our noble protagonist is on his favorite pick, mid lane Zed, feeling the pain of a melee versus ranged matchup against Gangplank. He manages to make it through to Level 6, execute a solid all-in, and get the kill.

From there, he snowballs his lead by picking up kills across the map and leading his team to victory. But not without some setbacks.

There’s the wild feeding top laner, a Camille who is constantly getting solo-killed by the enemy Rengar. Of course, Camille begins talking about giving up because their support and jungle aren’t giving enough attention. Even though he could have easily just absorbed the pressure and tried to hold onto the game.

Of course, he eventually gets carried to a win but not without plenty of unnecessary griping. But that’s nothing compared to what the enemy Jhin has to say about how “unfair” it is that he is able to be killed when Zed doesn’t land his abilities. Even though he’s fed to oblivion.

In the second game, we see our protagonist on Lux support, starting the game favorably by stealing the enemy jungler’s red. Unfortunately, his lane partner begins an unfortunate pattern of feeding over and over again.

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All supports can sympathize with the situation, where the lane partner is just incapable of farming safely. Of course, when the Senna dies due to the bad trades she elected to take, it’s the fault of her support, who ultimately ended the game 10/2/18.

Playing poorly isn’t a reason to flame the Senna, but her attitude is one that League of Legends players see all the time in ranked. She goes from ready to give up to flaming all her teammates to cocky in the span of one game. Even though this video showcased two wins, it was enough to make me not want to queue up for ranked again.