LoL Guide: How to Play Jinx (Tips, Runes, & Items)

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Gameplay Tips

1. With your Fishbones active, you should be able to out-shove almost any other ADC and hit Level 2. That’s a massive advantage in winning your lane.

2. Zap! is hard to land without setup, so use it carefully. You really need to conserve your mana pool so that you get that advantage in pushing the waves.

3. However, Jinx is great at harassing enemies under tower with her Zap! (where there is less room to dodge) and even her long-range auto attacks. While pushing is risky because she has no escapes, as long as Flame Chompers! are available you have some defensive tools.

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4. In the early game, you want to push whenever you can (if you have Flash) and use that push to chip away plate gold. Getting gold early on Jinx is key with how hard she scales and spikes off items.

5. After laning phase ends, your goal is to group with your team and siege towers (which you do very effectively). You should also look to rotate to lanes where waves are crashing and/or farm jungle camps if possible to hit those key item spikes.

6. Ignore your teammates who cry “stop hitting the tanks.” Jinx kills frontline very easily (especially if she has Kraken Slayer) and your goal should be to hit the closest target while staying safe. Getting your Get Excited! resets is also critical in fights as it lets you reposition and chase down more kills.

7. Use Flame Chompers! as a follow up to any teammate’s crowd control, in lane or after. If you time it correctly, you can have the Chompers activate underneath a CC’ed opponent, keeping them stuck for longer.

8. Flash is your best friend. As soon as you don’t have it, you’re vulnerable. Don’t use it aggressively unless it’s a guaranteed kill and reset, and once you’ve used it you need to play super defensive.

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9. Use attack move and click close to your character! If you are right-clicking on Jinx and proc Get Excited! you can run straight into the enemy team at warp speed!

10. The minigun is almost always better for small skirmishes or chasing down stragglers, as it has higher damage. The rocket launcher is almost always better for teamfights where enemies are grouped up or you can get a lot of value out of Runaan’s.