League of Legends: Dragon Slayer & Blackfrost Skins Coming With Patch 11.8

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Patch 11.8 is coming soon and with it, a bevy of new skins. While the patch is highlighted by Gwen, the brand new League of Legends champ getting her release skin, who will have her first skin come from the Space Groove line, other skin lines are getting updates as well. There will be five other skins from the Blackfrost and Dragon Slayer lines.

Let’s start with Space Groove Gwen. While this line has a lot of good skins, this one seems to be a bit lackluster. It’s fine as a release skin, but I feel like her base model will suit a lot of people till her next skin arrives. It does have nine chromas for it though so that may be an option to improve it a little bit.

The next new skin is Blackfrost Sion. It is nice to see Sion get a recent and modern skin, as a lot of his skins seem to have that age feel to them. The Blackfrost line is solid and this skin looks as solid as they come, so Sion fans should be happy with it. There are seven chromas for this skin as well.

Here are the new skins coming with Patch 11.8!

The other Blackfrost skin being added to PBE is for Vel’Koz. The Eye of the Void may not have the biggest library of skins to choose from, but most of them are pretty good and this is no different. The eight chromas for this skin also look really good.

Then we have Dragon Guardian Galio. It’s a bit different looking than you would think for Galio, but that isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s a solid skin that should do well and comes with eight chromas for it as well.

Dragon Slayer Kayle is next up, with a nice, sharp orange, red, and gold very fiery look. The extra dragon wings are also pretty cool, a nice change from her usual futuristic or space skins. It will have eight chroma choices as well.

The final new skin offering is Dragon Slayer Twitch. This thing is ugly. Not that Twitch is a supermodel, but it’s still just an ugly skin. I can’t even tell it’s Twitch or just some weird lizard and I don’t really like that idea. This is easily the worst skin out of the six. The chromas don’t really help, but there are eight of them as well.

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Honestly, these skins seem like an overall step down after Space Groove. I can also see them be overshadowed by the DAMWON skins when they arrive during MSI.  Though these aren’t the worst skins in the world, they just don’t scream out must buy for my League of Legends skin collection on the first day of release.