League of Legends: Breaking down new Arcana skins on PBE

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends is set to have four new skins on the PBE. This new line is called Arcana and looks to be releasing on Patch 11.10. Here are some initial thoughts about each skin and if they are worth adding to your League of Legends skin collection.

Camille Arcana Skin

The first skin in the set is going to Camille. It’s her fourth skin and it looks pretty good. The red, black, gold, and some orange color scheme is very sharp. Though to me it overlaps in theme to Coven a little bit. Like a second magic-based theme isn’t what I would imagine for Camille. I would say get this skin, or Coven based on which color scheme you like better. Through I could consider this one of her two best skins. This skin will have eight chroma options as well.

Lucian Arcana Skin

At first glance, it was like oh it’s another gold skin for Lucian like a Prestige Pulsefire, or Victorious, but I think there’s enough of a difference to see this skin worth making. He looks like he’s on a mission and won’t stop till he’s killed his enemies. I think this is one of his better options, especially if it’s 1350 RP. Though I’m not sure it’s going to be considered his best skin. You can also pick up one of eight chromas for this skin as well.

Tahm Kench Arcana Skin

Wow, Tahm Kench gets a skin, seemingly out of nowhere.  That being said it’s really cool. This is a bit different of a theme than his previous skin offerings which are good. It’s also a bit on the darker side, which makes it a nice contrast to the playfulness of Urf, or coin emperor. I could easily see this skin being called the best one he has. I would probably name this as my favorite of the new Arcana skins. It will also feature eight chromas to unbench more color options for your Kench.

Xerath Arcana Skin

More love for a champion that has a lack of skins, which is good.  It does look slightly different than Xerath as you can actually see a head for this skin. It looks to make Xerath a kind of demon. It’s a cool concept. For not being the most popular champion, this is a solid skin addition. It’s another one I could see selling well and taking the top spot of Xerath skins. There will be eight chromas to choose from as well.

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Overall, the new League of Legends Arcana skins looks to be a hit. I feel like with the Tahm Kench, Xerath, and Camille skin each being a contender for the best skin for that champ it’s hard to ignore how good the line is. So, if you’re looking to add some skins to your League of Legends account, I would recommend all of these.