League of Legends ADC Tier List: Strongest Champions in 13.11

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Patch 13.11 has been out for a week now – the best time to create a League of Legends ADC tier list for the best champions in 13.11!

Win-rates provided by U.GG, specifically win-rates in Platinum+ in North America Solo Queue.

League of Legends ADC Tier List



league of legends adc tier list
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  • Kog’Maw: 51.56%, 8.3%
  • Draven: 51.12%, 8.7%
  • Nilah: 53.28%, 4.1%
  • Jhin: 50.64%, 21.8%
  • Zeri: 50.09%, 15.6%
  • Miss Fortune: 52.22%, 10.2%
  • Karthus: 55.50%, 2.6%

ADC is really strong right now, and the SS tier is filled with a variety of play-styles and difficulty levels. Champions like Kog’Maw and Draven do require a lot of games to get the hang of, but are currently super strong.

Jhin and Miss Fortune are two strong ADCs that do not require too much brain-power to pilot when compared to other champions listed.

Karthus is forever and always and underrated bottom lane pick. His pick-rate is usually insanely low for bot lane, but his power is there.


league of legends adc tier list
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  • Yasuo: 55.93%, 1.7%
  • Twitch: 50.65%, 7.5%
  • Ziggs: 55.81%, 0.6%

These are for the picks that slot in well because of how well they deal with the SS tier picks. Yasuo, when played at a high level, can counter Kog’Maw and Draven nicely.

Keep in mind Yasuo is the type of champion you need to put the time into before you can really start cooking and win games.

Twitch can also deal with some of the SS picks. Positioning well with your Q to turn invisible and keep opponents on their toes is imperative for success on Twitch.


league of legends adc tier list
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  • Ezreal: 50.07%, 19.8%
  • Lucian: 50.04%, 16.0%
  • Seraphine: 53.35%, 1.9%
  • Xayah: 50.19%, 7.5

Still strong picks, and can be elevated into further power when paired with the right supports. Lucian, for example, is insane with Milio, and will be made even stronger when paired with Milio. There’s a reason Milio lands in SS tier in the Support Tier List for 13.11.

In higher ELO, Lucian lands much higher due to consistency in play and picks the higher you climb in rank.

As always, never be discouraged to pick a champion based on their placement, or lack thereof, on the tier list.