League of Legends Support Tier List: Strongest Champions in 13.11

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Patch 13.11 has been out for a week now – the best time to create a League of Legends Support tier list for the best champions in 13.11!

Win-rates provided by U.GG, specifically win-rates in Platinum+ in North America Solo Queue.

League of Legends Support Tier List



  • Milio: 51.61%, 17.4%
  • Blitzcrank: 50.31%, 7.1%

Milio’s absurdly high pick rate, coupled with a >50% win rate, speaks volumes on how strong this champion is.

If you’re feeling kills and hooks, pick up the Blitzcrank. If you want to take a backseat to shield, poke, and cleanse, Milio’s your champ.


  • Nautilus: 50.71%, 9.6%
  • Senna: 51.51%, 8.9%
  • Amumu: 54.16%, 3.0%
  • Janna: 51.36%, 8.7%
  • Pyke: 50.36%, 5.8%
  • Thresh: 50.41%, 12.3%
  • Rakan: 51.33%, 5.9%

Outside of the top two, there are so many fantastic picks in Support at the moment, with varying play styles to choose from.

Nautilus, Thresh, and Amumu all serve similar purposes and are strong in their own right. Pyke and Senna can become the carries in damage share if you get fed early enough with them, too.


  • Rell: 51.36%, 4.9%
  • Neeko: 50.71%, 1.6%
  • Annie: 52.23%, 1.7%
  • Zilean: 51.61%, 3.0%
  • Zac: 55.31%, 0.7%
  • Sona: 50.65%, 7.3%
  • Leona: 50.66%, 3.9%
  • Maokai: 53.52%, 1.4%
  • Alistar: 51.02%, 3.6%
  • Taric: 51.61%, 1.8%
  • Fiddlesticks: 52.12%, 0.6%
  • Ivern: 51.47%, 0.9%
  • Zyra: 50.18%, 3.5%
  • Braum: 50.55%, 2.4%

The next tier broadens the horizon even further, with spicy picks like Zac and Ivern creeping into solo queue. Their pick rates are really low, however, so their win-rates are not necessarily a suitable gauge of how consistently good these picks are.

Counter-picks like Braum and Zyra remain strong answers to engage and poke respectively. Even Rell shot up in pick rate slightly given the mini-update she received in 13.11.


For the unmentioned champions, they are still totally viable to play: don’t be discouraged to not play them just because they are not on this tier list. A champion like Renata Glasc, for example, is very strong, but takes more skill to execute than Milio or Nautilus.

If you want to climb fast in solo queue, optimizing your champion picks to favor less mechanically intensive champs is typically the best route.

Look forward to a new tier list for each role about a week after the release of each patch! Keep up with the patch schedule, too!