How to Get Soul Fighter Samira in League of Legends

Credit: Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games /

The newest Ultimate skin in League of Legends is soon to be released. Soul Fighter Samira debuts during the launch of the Soul Fighter event on July 20.

Soul Fighter Samira Release Date

Ultimate skins are few and far between, with six currently being out before the official release of Soul Fighter Samira.

When Patch 13.14 is released on July 19, the Soul Fighter event skins, including Samira’s newest skin, will be available for purchase in the Store.

Soul Fighter Samira Price

Just like all the other Ultimate skins, expect Samira’s new attire to cost 3250 RP in the Store.

Soul Fighter Samira Splash Art

soul fighter samira
Credit: Riot Games /

If the splash art is any indication of the in-game flashiness a champion like Samira ought to imbue, then this skin is sure to be a banger.

Riot Games recently shared their thoughts on how skins are presented based on price, and diving into how Prestige Skins & Mythic Shop will be changed going into the second half of the year.