League of Legends Quick Play: Gamemode Explained, Release Date

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League of Legends has teased a new gamemode slated to replace blind pick. League of Legends Quick Play is the newest gamemode set to release some time at the end of the year.

League of Legends Quick Play

Originally announced in Riot Andrei “Meddler” van Roon and Riot Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee’s March 2023 Dev Update, a peak into what Quick Play what look like, and why blind pick should be replaced, was shared.

League of Legends game director Riot Pu “Pupulasers” Liu shares the importance of adapting to the wants and needs of players over time, and Blind Pick has not fulfilled many groups of players for a long while now. Pupulasers directly confirms Blind Pick is League’s least popular gamemode and “it’s actually getting worse over time.”

Quick Play skips champion select: the player selects their preferred champion, their preferred role, and you’re guaranteed at least one of those in your next game. The queue pops, and you are told right before the start of the match what role and champion you got. Then, the game begins!

Quick Play Delayed: Release Date?

Unfortunately, Quick Play was delayed, and still has yet to be released or given a proper release date.

Riot Chris “Auberaun” Roberts responded to a Reddit comment in an r/leagueoflegends thread regarding the status of Quick Play. Rioters often stay connected on different Reddit threads, as seen on the recent Soul Fighter AMA held.

"Any News on Quickplay? by u/Unknown_Warrior43 in leagueoflegends"

“We were hoping to get Quick Play out before the midyear patch but weren’t quite able to finish before we had to pivot to Emerald and other ranked Split 2 stuff… plan to get it out later this year,” Riot Auberaun said in a response to a Reddit user surmising on the whereabouts of Quick Play.

Quick Play is sure to be an exciting addition to League of Legends, and will definitely have players of all skill levels trying it out once the gamemode is released. While likely not to topple any other popular gamemodes like Summoners Rift Normal, ARAM, and Summoners Rift Ranked, Quick Play is a much needed modernized touch-up to Blind Pick’s outdated format.