Street Demons Neeko: Skin Release Date, Splash Art, Price

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Everyone’s favorite shapeshifter hits the streets with a new skin! Street Demons Neeko is coming to League of Legends very soon.

Street Demons Neeko – Release Date

Just as it goes with all upcoming Street Demons skins, Neeko’s new outerwear will be available for purchase after Patch 13.18’s release on September 13.

Keep in mind, Riot releases newly paid cosmetics a day after a patch’s release day, ensuring a smooth landing for the new patch.

Because of this, expect to see the new Neeko skin available in the shop on September 14.

To stay up to date on the League of Legends patch cycle, keep an eye on the 2023 Patch Schedule.

Street Demons Neeko – Splash Art

street demons neeko
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Street Demons Neeko – Price

All of the Street Demons skins cost 1350 RP. If you want to purchase the newest skin for Neeko, make sure you have at least 1350 RP!

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