EMENES Donezo Manifesto: Former Cloud9 Midlaner airs out grievances

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Former Cloud9 midlaner, EMENES, releases a dreaded “donezo manifesto,” a colloquial way to refer to a player airing out their grievances related to former teammates and aspects of the entire team.

EMENES Donezo Manifesto: The Background

Before diving into the contents of Jang “EMENES” Min-soo’s outrage, it’s important to pay tribute to the player who created the original “Donezo Manifesto,” Austin “Link” Shin, who promptly retired after leaving Counter Logic Gaming.

Link’s original post is deleted, but a backup exists on a WordPress website archived by user nimajenby. The manifesto aspect is apt, as the piece is long, but reads more as a stream of consciousness with Link’s feelings at the time for his performance, his teammates, and feelings on the game.

EMENES did not go nearly as deep as Link did, but the spirit of a donezo manifesto is still present in a post on a Korean forum called fmkorea. Thanks to Reddit user u/oioioi9537, a translated summary of EMENES’ post was shared to r/leagueoflegends.

EMENES Donezo Manifesto: The Content

"Emenes Donezo Manifesto (on korean forums) byu/oioioi9537 inleagueoflegends"

The ex-midlaner for Cloud9 laid out many of the things he observed at Cloud9, his time playing in Europe, and a meta look on the state of North American League of Legends.

Ironically, of the three best players EMENES names, two of them are not native to North America. EMENES credits Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol, Kacper “Inspired” Słoma, and Joseph Joon “jojopyun” Pyun as the best talent in NA. He also praises NRG for working hard throughout the season.

Knowing now of jojopyun being EMENES’ replacement, this is super mature of EMENES, not bashing his replacement, but praising him as one of the best the region has to offer. This is important, seeing as EMENES was often labeled toxic. It seems his time at Cloud9 really did help him reform his attitude as a teammate.

The classic sentiment of NA not putting in enough practice time crops up once again. EMENES insists North America should look to top region’s solo queue like Korea and China to improve their play, which they apparently do not.

Similarly, EMENES claims to have written a 30 page document consisting of LCK and LPL vods following Cloud9’s loss to T1 at Worlds. When showing the coaching staff his write-up, they promptly ignored it.

EMENES goes onto explain pro-players in EU do work hard, but are very cocky, and the culture allegedly becomes very cliquey. The inclusiveness continues to get worse if you do not speak English well, where you are further ostracized.

Whenever a “donezo manifesto,” or anything of the sort comes out, it’s always super interesting to hear perspectives from the players who are deep in the trenches of competition. From here, EMENES is planning to do his military service, and retire afterwards.