King Beegar Skin: Splash Art, Price, Release, How to Get

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Runeterra’s most evil mastermind, Veigar, comes in with his newest look: King Beegar! Along with two other bee skins, you can pickup Veigar’s newest look at the shop right now.

King Beegar: Splash Art

king beegar
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King Beegar: Price

Just as many would expect, the price of Veigar’s newest look comes in at 1350 RP. It’s rare to see any skins come out nowadays cost less than 975 RP, so keep this in mind if you want to save up money for your favorite champion’s newest skin.

King Beegar: Release Date

You can pick up Veigar’s newest skin at the shop right now, with the skin releasing on November 22, a day after Patch 13.23 was released.

To keep up to date on all of the patches this year, keep an eye out for Season 13’s Patch Schedule.

King Beegar: How to Get

The newest look for Runeterra’s diabolical genius can be purchased at the shop with no strings attached or any special hoops to jump through.

Add at least 1350 RP to your account, and enjoy their newest style!