Top 5 Most Overpowered Champions on Patch 6.3


The most overpowered champions in League of Legends is a list that is forever changing, but here are five of the strongest champions on the latest patch.

Who and what is most overpowered will always be the main topic of discussion in League of Legends. That’s part of what makes the game so great. We get frequent patches that allow a diverse pool of champions and items the opportunity to sit on top of the throne of power for however long the game allows them to be there.

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And that’s the thing about overpowered champions: the game will always have them, but champions will only truly be overpowered for a short period time before they get nerfed. So you have to enjoy the power while you can.

It should be noted what is being used to define “overpowered” in this article. We aren’t talking about that Tryndamere in the top lane that is dominating in silver, but rather we are focusing on champions that are dominating at the game’s highest levels. The pick rate of the champion is also a major factor. As of right now, Rammus in the top lane has the third-highest win percentage in the game at 55.78 percent, but he’s only being picked .99 percent of the time – and that’s way too low of a sample size to put stock in to.

Also, all the statistics found for this article are from The site has incredible information on champions by analyzing all the ranked games in platinum, diamond, master and challenger (don’t worry low elo players, you still matter!).

5.) Ahri – Mid

Ahri was a strong pick for a very long time who fell out of the meta for a little bit as assassins became less popular. Luckily for her though, season 6 has returned to the assassin game a bit more and has allowed champions like her to flourish.

She is a super safe champion to play thanks to her ult that gives her insane movement, and she can turn a team fight her way by hitting a single skill shot (damn you, charm).

The mage is currently sitting on a 53.49 percent win percentage while being picked 17.11 percent of the time.

With at least 500 games played in a mid lane match-up, Ahri has a sub-50 percent win rate against only four champions: Annie (49.13 percent), Lux (49.44 percent), Malzahar (49.49 percent) and Talon (49.49 percent). However, all of those are very close to 50 percent, which says that Ahri doesn’t exactly have any bad match-ups.

4.) Lux – Mid

Yes, another mid lane mage – Lux.

Lux hasn’t been in a bad state in recent memory, but she kept getting tiny buffs here and there that have come together and made her a really strong champion. When you look at her kit on paper, it almost sounds too good to be true: crazy burst damage, a shield and an AoE (area of effect) CC (crowd control) that is very strong.

Her win percentage is very similar to Ahri’s at 53.50 percent, but she is getting picked at a higher rate – 19.23 percent.

In a minimum of 500 battles in the mid lane, Lux has a sub-50 percent win rate against only four champions: Morgana (49.35 percent) Vel’Koz (49.37 percent), Twisted Fate (49.45 percent) and Zilean (49.45 percent). Again, just like Ahri, there isn’t a champion that is dominating Lux right now. She is a strong pick.

3.) Kog’Maw – AD Carry

Everyone’s favorite disgusting little creature – Kog’Maw. He was one of the AD carries that was reworked in the preseason, but he didn’t take off like that others. Riot took notice and fixed him up in the latest patch that has now made him the new flavor of the month.

As of now, Kog’Maw has a 56.03 win percentage while being picked 9.39 percent of the time. He would probably be a bit higher on the list if he was being played more, but the discovery of his power is still fairly new to some people. His win rate will take a bit of a dip once his pick percentage goes up, but there’s no reason to think it should take a meaningful hit.

Kog’Maw used to be known for having a weak laning phase who scaled as the game went on, but he is now strong for the entire game. However, his most terrifying form does come after getting a few items as it allows him to put out insane AoE damage in team fights.

The AD carry has over a 50 percent win rate against every other AD carry and support in the game. And yes, that’s still with at least 500 games played in the match-up. That’s crazy. His biggest “counter” from the AD carry position is Twitch it seems, but Kog’Maw still has a 51.9 percent win rate in that match-up. Balanced.

2.) Udyr – Jungle

Udyr would probably be at the number one spot for most people, but the second spot will serve him well for this article.

This beast in the jungle has been scary good ever since this patch started, and it’s thanks to one items: Runic Echoes.

Once Runic Echoes came out, people realized you could build that with Udyr and make him stupid fast while still doing other things great. Between Runic Echoes, Boots of Swiftness and the speedup in his kit, Udyr can often run around Summoner’s Rift at 600+ movement speed. Oh, and don’t forget that he is able to do this all while still having great CC, strong AoE damage and the ability to be a monster tank that rarely dies.

Some salt may have seeped into those words, but seriously, it’s unfair for him to be as good as he is right now.  His win rate is the highest in all of League of Legends at 57.48 percent, and that’s with a very high pick rate of 12.88 percent.

In at least 500 jungle match-ups, Udyr’s lowest win percentage is against Volibear – and even then it’s at 52.45 percent.

Someone put a stop to this!

1.) Janna – Support

This is still surprising to a lot of people, but Janna is in an incredible spot right now. She has the 7th-highest win rate in the game at 54.06 percent, but that’s while being pick an absurd 21.86 percent of the time. No, really, those numbers are correct. How a champion can get picked that much while having that high of a win rate is beyond my mental capacity.

Janna is essentially the dream support for any AD carry. She has great CC, a monster shield and an ultimate ability that gives crazy peel and disengage potential all while healing you.

There’s two vital phases to League of Legends: laning phase and team fighting phase. What makes Janna so good is that she is phenomenal in both those areas. In laning phase, it’s almost impossible to lose trades with her shield. In team fights, her ultimate can save multiple members of her team or help catch out opposing players. She is always good at any point of the game.

With at least 500 games played in a bot lane match-up, Janna has a sub-50 percent win rate against three champions total: Kog’Maw (47.63 percent), Sona (49.77 percent) and Blitzcrank (49.96 percent).  So, really only Kog’Maw hurts her, but that monster hurts everyone right now.