EU LCS Grades: Week 7


The EU LCS just wrapped up week seven of the spring split, and this is how each team did.

Things are really tight at the top of the standings in the EU LCS, and with only two weeks remaining in the regular season, every game is important.

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While week seven didn’t reveal anything new to us, it did solidify what we already knew.

Here are the week seven grades for every team in the EU LCS.

G2 Esports – B+

G2 came into the week tied for first place, and they handled their business and walked out of the week still holding a share for first.

They opened the week against Elements, and the game was surprisingly a lot closer than people had prepared for. There were a couple of moments where Elements seemed to have the advantage and momentum, and they probably would have won if they were a better team. But in the end, G2 were the better players and came out on top.

G2 had to of been disappointed my their performance the previous day, because they came out against Origen yesterday and looked really good. There were a couple of misplays on their part, but it was mostly a very clean performance.

They are in a great spot at 11-3.

Team Vitality – B+

Vitality are one of the other teams currently tied for first with a 11-3 record.

They did what they needed to do this week, but they also had a really easy schedule, so that’s why they didn’t get a higher grade.

They took care of Giants on Thursday and destroyed Elements the following day.

There’s nothing Vitality could have shown us by beating up on the bottom teams.

Next week will be a real test as they have big games against G2 and Fnatic.

H2K – B

The final piece of the puzzle tied for first place – H2K.

Their opening game against Fnatic was supposed to be one of the better games of the week, but H2K didn’t allow that to be true as they showed they are on another level than Fnatic right now. Fnatic held on during the early game, but as things progressed, they fell more and more behind.

Yesterday against Giants was surprising, though. While H2K did get the victory, it was very hard fought as they were playing from behind for a lot of the late game. If Giants were better, they would have been able to use their late lead to win, but they showed that they didn’t know how to use the lead and let H2K take things back over. But hey, a win is as win.

The real loss for H2K this week is the possibility of losing their AD carry – Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou. We should get more information this week, but it looks like he is being taken away from the LCS to go serve mandatory military service.

H2K might be the best team in Europe right now, but you won’t be able to say that if FORG1VEN isn’t around.

Unicorns of Love – D

The Unicorns have been the surprise team for the EU LCS this year. While they aren’t in the top tier with the three teams tied for first, they have been right outside it all split long.

They had an easy schedule this week to keep them in good position, but they didn’t take full advantage of it. Not only did they lose to ROCCAT on Thursday, but they got smoked. Giving up games to one of the worst teams is one thing, but getting rolled off the Rift is entirely something else. A game like that shows that they are more pretenders than contenders.

It is good, however, that they were able to come back the following day with a strong victory over Splyce. Two rough performances in a row would have been dreadful.

Unicorns of Love are in fourth place of the EU LCS with a 9-5 record and should easily make the playoffs.

Fnatic – D

The most inconsistent team in their league this year. Fnatic can sometimes look like an exceptional team, but they can also look like the most mediocre of teams.

Everyone was hoping for the great Fnatic to show up against H2K, but that didn’t happen. Fnatic made the game entertaining early on, but they totally fell off as the game changed phases. While the loss was disappointing, it wasn’t demoralizing or anything since H2K are one of the best teams in the league.

It was good for them to pick up a victory the following day against ROCCAT, but even that game was quite the drag for Fnatic until the very end. If Fnatic want to be a great team, they need to make easy work of the teams below them.

Despite their problems, Fnatic sit at fifth place with a 8-6 record.

Origen – C

Origen are right in the middle of the EU LCS with Unicorns of Love and Fnatic. Sometimes they look really good, and then other times they look totally lost. We got both sides of that this weekend.

They were able to run over Splyce to start the week, but then they got absolutely smacked by G2 the following day.

This is a team with great expectations, but it’s starting to become obvious that they are missing something. Maybe it’s shot calling or just a clear leader in general, but it’s definitely something.

They will make the playoffs, but things really need to change if they are going to have a shot against one of the three elite teams.

Elements – D

Sadly, there’s not much to say here. It was another rough 0-2 week for Elements, but they did put up a good fight against G2….so that’s something. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for their performance against Vitality.

This was about as rough of a week that any team could have, and thankfully next week will be a bit easier as they have games against Splyce and Unicorns of Love.

Elements are one of four teams with at least 10 losses on the split, and their goal should be to just get another win or two before the regular season is over.

Splyce – F

Remember at the end of last week when Splyce murdered Fnatic? Where did that team go? After that impressive win, Splyce gave everyone a little bit of hope for them and made it seem like they would be able to go on a playoff run.

That optimism was fun while it lasted.

They were bested by Origen on Thursday and then dominated by Unicorns of Love the following day for a nasty 0-2 week.

The two losses dropped them to 10 on the season, which now puts them at the very bottom of the bracket. Hopefully they show us something better next week.


There honestly isn’t much more you could have asked for coming into this week if you were a ROCCAT fan.

They had an amazing performance against Unicorns of Love to give them only their third win of the split, and then they turned around and played a respectable game against Fnatic.

Seriously, that’s as good as it gets for ROCCAT at this point – and that’s fine.

They are no longer the last ranked team in the EU LCS, and maybe they picked up a thing or two from this past week.

Please, give us more weeks like this!

Giants – D

Congratulations to the new last place team in Europe – Giants.

However, while they did go 0-2 this week, it wasn’t actually that bad. They had an insanely rough schedule this week and came out of it not completely destroyed.

They held their own in the early game against Vitality before falling off as the game progressed, and they were leading for a lot of the late game against H2K before finally being bested.

Being 2-12 is really rough, and unfortunately things won’t get easier next week as they have to play Fnatic and G2. Their next real shot at a win will be in their very last game of the split when they face ROCCAT.