FORG1VEN called into mandatory military service

FORG1VEN was heartbroken as he announced that he has been called into service for his country.

H2K defeated Fnatic in a very meaningful game today, but things quickly changed after the nexus went down.

Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou had a decent game on Caitlyn by going 4/3/5 in the victory. In his post-game interview, FORG1VEN quickly became extremely emotional and didn’t want to talk about the game at all. Instead, FORG1VEN wanted to announce that he must offer his duties for Greece and their military.

Unfortunately, Greece does have a mandatory military service in which they are allowed to call you into action at any time.

FORG1VEN said that tomorrow could possibly be his last game for a year due to the length of the required service. He didn’t give much more information besides that, but it was evident that he is really upset with the news – and so is everyone else.

After the game, H2K’s head coach – Neil “PR0LLY” Hammad – said that they just received the news themselves and they haven’t had enough time to do anything about it yet. However, he did say that they plan to fight it with everything in their power, and he seemed optimistic while talking about the situation.

Hopefully PR0LLY’s confidence with the issue has some backing behind it, because losing FORG1VEN would be a crushing blow for H2K. In 13 games this year, FORG1VEN has the second-highest KDA (7.1) in all of Europe.

H2K are currently tied for first place of the EU LCS with a 10-3 record, and the argument could easily be made for them being the best team in the league.

After this week, there are only two weeks remaining in the regular season before playoffs. Losing FORG1VEN would be a monster hit at any point of the season, but having it happen right before playoffs is probably the worst scenario. It would be really hard for them to recover in that short amount of time.

No matter what happens, best wishes to FORG1VEN. Everyone in the community is behind him.