5 Strongest Champions on Patch 6.5


The strongest champions in League of Legends will always be something that changes, and these are currently five of the strongest champions on patch 6.5.

League of Legends has been so successful for many reasons, but perhaps none greater than the fact that it is a game that goes through frequent changes. If there is a discovery of an incredibly strong champion, players will only have a limited amount of time to abuse that power before inevitable nerfs. Likewise, champions that see little play have the possibility of becoming strong picks out of nowhere just from a couple of buffs. It’s beautiful.

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Champion.gg is one of the best tools at tracking all of those changes. It is a website that analyzes champions in ranked games from the platinum division and higher. Their statistics for the latest patch have just come out, and here are five of the strongest champions on it.

It should be noted that there are many factors to consider for this list: win rate, pick rate, ban rate and where the champion ranks in its role. Obviously things like this will always be subjective, so your list will probably differ in some way.

5.) Sivir

We saw so much of Sivir last season, but then her ultimate got nerfed and she kind of fell off the face of Summoner’s Rift. However, she is back now, and it’s all because of one awesome buff. If Sivir auto from her W crits, then it will crit every time it bounces to a target. This makes her team fighting crazy strong, and that was already her strong point.

Sivir has the highest win rate of any AD carry at 53.25 percent with a 7.26 percent pick rate. She is only getting banned in .11 percent of the time, but that should get much higher once people realize how strong she is.

4.) Lux

Lux has been one of the strongest champions for the last few patches, so her days are (hopefully) numbered.

She is the top middle pick at the moment, as she gets played 19.54 percent of the time and wins 53.78 percent of those games. Those are monster numbers.

Lux is a mage that can do many things right now, and he does all of them very well. She is safe, has great wave-clear, strong crowd control and strong burst damage. She’s the perfect mage for the mid lane, and hopefully this trend doesn’t continue for yet another patch.

3.) Janna

Similar to Lux, Janna has been at the top for quite some time. She is on top of all supports with a 54.33 percent win rate, and that’s even with a ridiculous pick rate of 21.33. The weird thing is that she is only banned 1.66 percent of the time, and there’s no great reason behind that. The numbers speak for themselves.

Make sure to check out Kevin Dolman’s article that was posted a week ago about why Janna is at the top right now. Dolman goes to great length to explain why she is so strong in the current meta. It’s a great read.

2.) Shyvana

Shyvana has been creeping her way to the top for a few patches now, but it was only recently that we saw her break her way to the very top. Thanks to another overpowered monster, Shyvana only has the second-highest win rate in the jungle, but that isn’t saying much as she sits on a 54.39 percent win rate wile being played 11.92 percent of the time and banned 15.3 percent.

She is in one of those disgusting places that few champions are in where they are able to do the most damage in the game while still being the tankiest champion in the game. That simply isn’t right, but she is leading the way for that group.

There is some good new, though. Shyvana is being hit pretty hard with some nerfs on the PBE that should translate into the next patch, and it will defintely remove her from the top. So if you’re a Shyvana main, you had better enjoy all of patch 6.5 – because your time is coming.

1.) Udyr

Yes, just like the two of the last champions mentioned, Udyr has been a powerhouse for multiple patches now. However, unlike Lux and Janna, Riot has already tried to attack Udyr. Not only did they nerf him, but they also nerfed his core item. The buffs weren’t massive, but it should have made him more bearable, right? Well, the nerfs honestly didn’t do anything.

Udyr is still the number one jungler and has the highest win rate in the game at 54.77 percent, and he is getting picked in 7.79 percent of games. The insane thing is that he is getting banned the second-most in all of League of Legends at 56.01 percent of the time. The only champion that gets banned more is Malphite, who gets banned a whopping 63.34 percent of the time. This means that Udyr being broken isn’t a secret. Everyone knows about it, and people don’t want to deal with him in their game. He speeds around the map like a brand new car, all while being a massive tank that still does solid damage and has some crowd control.

Time to see how Riot hits him the next time around since their first set of nerfs did nothing.